Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Flash 55 — on my mother's birthday

W H Terrace by Willem Haenraets
W H Terrace by Willem Haenraets

I would take her there
to sip or sup, to celebrate
a sumptuous meal with
Always laughter.

She would be bright and saucy,
her effervescence welcoming
strangers to join us
(my reason for a larger table).

The terracotta terrace would reflect
a happy birthday song, then
toasts in her honor and
Always laughter.

My post in exactly 55 words written for Friday Flash 55.
Visit G-Man and his Mr. Knowitall community for more weekly 55s.

My mother was born on this day long ago. What I miss most is laughing with her.


Words A Day said...

Thats beautiful :)

Brian Miller said...

its always good to bring the adds joy for sure...and that makes life worth it...esp when we are celebrating birthdays

Mary said...

This is beautiful, Lydia. It brings back memories of my OWN mother (and her laughter) as well. It is the simple things, I think, that one often remembers and misses the most.

hedgewitch said...

A vivid picture of a loved mother, and also, perhaps, the reason why she was so loved. Too often we forget to laugh with the ones we love the most. Enjoyed it Lydia(and your visit--thanks for stopping by.)

mythopolis said...

Sweet! : )

Rastaman said...

Love it.

Margie said...

You paint such a lovely picture.

G-Man said...

I'm sure your Mom is still laughing. What a beautiful remembrance.
Loved your nostalgic 55
Thank you for such a lovely poem, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

susan said...

A beautiful tribute indeed, Lydia. In fact, it could have been written for my own mother, the memory of whose wisdom and laughter still lights my way through dark times.

A favorite pastime used to be playing cribbage together. One time when she went off to the bathroom it had been my turn to deal the cards. When she returned and picked up her hand she found a perfect crib. I still remember the look on her face and that we both exploded with laughter a moment later.

Mama Zen said...


Margaret said...

Fabulous and I adore this and ... well, it is just lovely!



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