Friday, October 11, 2013

Meeting the Bar — To honor poet Dave King

Forgive me, friend, for I
have not been here lately
to read your poems: these
lovelies I enjoyed this
night upon learning that
you no more will be
making your rounds,
leaving kind words that
meant so much.
You, most thoughtful one,
only toward the end had cause
to write:
Forgive me, friends, for I

Written for dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: To Friends, where host Brian Miller sadly informs us of the passing of Dave King, one of us, and asks that we consider good friends and friendship in our posts this week. Visit the link to read many more tributes.

One of Dave King's dear and supportive comments to me was this one about my post dated May 6, 2013:

    Absolutely superb! Cleverly conceived and beautifully realised.

My post this week was also written in 55 words for Friday Flash 55, hosted by my friend G-Man.


Brian Miller said...

the beautiful thing with friends is that all can be forgiven...we live such transient lives as well here online...real life happens and we disappear and return and pick up....and sometimes dont realize how life has moved on...and that can surprise us too....

good to see you lydia

Mary said...

Nicely penned, Lydia. We really never know when the last poem of life will be written…Dave had a more prolific poetic life than many. His words will live on, perhaps even moreso due to so many honors being bestowed.

Margaret said...

Yes. I will all of a sudden realize someone who used to visit is silent. I have found a few have passed on... but their blogs are still there. I've bookmarked a few of them, and have copied a few of my favorite poems. I plan on doing that with Dave's as well. I have a file of these poems entitled "Poets Live On"

Grace said...

A lovely tribute to a good friend ~ Yes, I too am missing his thoughtful comments ~ Its only later that we realized that someone or another poet has passed away ~

As to checking his comments, I went to my email (all comments go there) and I searched for all his comments. I counted them and copied a few on my post ~ Happy Friday ~

G-Man said...

I'd love to be honored and remembered as beautifully as Dave has been throughout the day. Yours especially Lydia, because one never knows when they've written their last piece of passion.
You are indeed a friend. You are loyal, you are compassionate, and you are very supportive of others.
It's a joy every week whenever I see your smiling face, knowing that I'm about to be treated to a fantastic work of art, from your heart. Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Alice Audrey said...

Again, I am introduced to someone phenomenal online only too late to become friends. I am left only with admiration.

rosaria williams said...

He was kind and generous.

Linda Rogers said...

What a beautiful tribute to a great man and poet. He will be dearly missed. I bet he is touched by all the lovelytributes to him and his poetry.

ds said...

It's a lovely tribute, Lydia. Dave would not want you to apologize. (tho i am guilty of the same absence, and missed so much of his last work; it pains me). Thank you.

Lydia said...

Brian~ You are not only one of my favorite writers, but also one of my favorite consolers. Thank you for the wonderful tribute prompt in Dave King's honor.

Mary~ Dave's last two poems were nothing less than extraordinary! I had not thought about his words living on even longer as a result of these tributes, which now I see as true thank yous to him.

Margaret~ What a sweet idea, to have a file titled Poets Live On. I too have blogs bookmarked of some deceased favorites, but had not thought to save some of my favorites just in case the blog disappears. Thank you.

Grace~ He loved your poetry; I could tell by his comments. You amaze me that you save emails that way. I delete mine so cannot access past comments in that same way (good idea, btw).

G-Man~ You are more than kind. I do feel I have failed to be there for many bloggers, but you helped me to realize I've done some good too. If you have not read Dave's last two poems I recommend them. And you, my friend, will be remembered in the future with much tenderness and joviality I am sure.

Alice Audrey~ It is a shame, yes. And also a shame that he was not able to know about you and your blog, as he would have been delighted and would have left memorable comments there.

rosaria~ A perfect description!

Linda~ Yes, he was. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have heard him read his poetry? It's interesting to imagine his voice, especially now that it has been stilled - but his literary voice lives on.

ds~ "It pains me"....yes, that is the way I feel too. We can share that, yet, ultimately, all is well because at least we did know him, paid visits earlier on, received precious comments from him in return.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is poignant, the more so for the interrupted final line, like his life, interrupted when he still had so much to write.

Lydia said...

Sherry Blue Sky~ Thank you. I have been looking through Dave's blog and am awestruck at how prolific he was. His work was so excellent, so heartfelt. We will miss him.

Rob-bear said...

Exquisite, indeed!

Blessings and Bear hugs!



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