Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mag 192 in 55 — tea-hee

We’re talkin' about
a new resurrection—
Proud kinfolk tout
'merican, not Briton.

Waving our hands—
Preaching exceptionalism!
We’re firebrands
pretending to be blithesome.

Join our Tea Party reunion—
Forget the historical facts.
We’re of religious persuasion
pushing born-again pacts.

We can save this land
and steal the show.
You, friend, we understand—
Psycho to psycho.


Written for The Mag: Mag 192 that inspired with the above image prompt
(Resurrection Reunion 2, 1945, Sir Stanley Spencer).

In this particular prompt, the painting's title had as much to do with inspiring my words 
as the image itself. Visit the link to see many creative takes on the prompt.

Also written in 55 words for Friday Flash 55.
Visit G-Man and his Mr. Knowitall community for more weekly 55s. 


Yvonne Osborne said...

OK. You have me! Hook, line and sinker!! I love your tea party psychos. You've nailed them, dead on, psycho to psycho. To join this party, you would have to ignore the historical facts.

This is one of my favorites thus far.

Google is getting alittle over-bearing, aren't they?

Mary said...

Very clever take on the picture. A thought-provoking, imaginative 55.

Brian Miller said...

haha....yeah steer clear of the tea party....they are scary people....just saying...hahaha

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

I like tea, but I'm not so fond of the Tea Party. Nice 55 though!

G-Man said...

What a fantastic take on our American Saviors!
You should be a political satirist
Loved your current/past events 55
Thanks for always adding a fresh and creative point of view on life, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

razzamadazzle said...

I'm not usually a fan of political poetry, but this one truly made me smile.

Other Mary said...

Can I get an AMEN? Hahahaha - outstanding!

Kutamun said...

Gday Lydia , never fear , its not just you guys ....met my first ever Aussie the other day that tried to convince me God created the world 6000 years ago ..... We are like Easter islanders or Mayans at the end now, building ever more impressive monuments to strange gods for deliverance even as we cut down the last tree and flog the last corn field to death , as outlined by Jared Diamond in his excellent book , '"Collapse " . Thanks as always for your lovely words , mate

susan said...

Hmm, I thought it was a detail from Hieronimous Bosch on first glance. Considering the subject of your poem that remains a relevant conclusion.

Nice going.

Lydia said...

Yvonne~ Why thank you!
And, yes I agree about Google and it seems to be getting worse.

Mary~ Thank you. Appreciate your visits.

Brian~ Scary yes. Cannot believe they are actually a part of our national scene...

Eric~ Thanks, and they sure aren't my kind of peeps.

G-Man~ Aw, thanks much. Love your tongue-in-cheek name for them.

razzamadazzle~ That delights me to know!

Other Mary~ What a fun comment! Thanks.

Kutamun~ Oh, how depressing that this dumbness has infiltrated to other parts of the world. So sorry! Always such fun to have a comment from you.

susan~ I love learning from you, always! Had to google Hieronimous Bosch to see what you meant, and I definitely see the similarity in styles. Thanks much for your illuminating visit. :)

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Nice post Lydia. Long time no see. Stumbled your post. Greetings from Barcelona.

Lydia said...

Carlos~ How wonderful to have a visit from you. And thank you for stumbling this post (although I am not sure it is worthy!). Lately, I have visited you more at Spotify and facebook than at your blog, but will drop by. :)



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