Monday, November 11, 2013

Mag 193 — Adjustment

She had outgrown staged confines, slipping straps, cramping shoes, and
tutu too. The Dance still pulsed through her like a musical rainbow but:
there was a Peruvian trail summoning her soul more deeply now
than Prokofiev or Tchaikovsky.

It was time to release her hair, to wear hiking boots the color of the soft, silky, 
smiling alpaca she saw in a book, time to see beyond boundaries from a mountain in the sky.

If she kicked small rocks there over the edge they might


resembling notes of an impressionistic score of her life.

Then her smiling alpaca might tug at the reins held loosely in her hands, and
she would follow his lead with her toes sometimes pointing
inside her worn boots.

Written for The Mag: Mag 193 that inspired with the above image prompt
(Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas).


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Love it!

Helen said...

I am going off grid ... for an adventure with this intrepid dancer!!!!

Kathe W. said...

oh Lydia this is sublme- I want to be there with the alpaca!
We actually have them here- some folks raise them for their wool.
Have a great week! and how is Ori?

ds said...

Oh, i love this, Lydia! Kicking pebbles to watch them dance in space--perfect. I'd like to go among the alpacas with her, too. Thank you.

Kutamun said...

Calls to mind The Fool of the Tarot for some reason , the source of all life !

Lester Kish said...

Is this your inner hiker speaking?

A Cuban In London said...

Your poem carries the same intensity and freedom dance symbolises. I totally loved and got lost in it, which is the way I like reading literature. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Jinksy said...

I think this is absolutely brilliant! Not only did you fill my mind with the music of Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky, but you made my toes wiggle in my boots. Go to the top of the class. :)

Tess Kincaid said...

These boots are made for... Love this! Tutu too made me smile...

susan said...

Change comes to all of us. As the old saying goes:

Dance where you are.

Lydia said...

Phivos~ Welcome back, Phil!

Helen~ That sounds like the plot to a movie!

Kathe W~ Thank you. There are lots of llamas around here, not so many alpacas. They captured my heart long ago and I too would love to be there with one sometime.
Ori is spectacular! Remind me to email you the latest pic.^.^

ds~ Thanks so much. Great to have a visit from you.

Kutamun~ I am not familiar with that aspect of tarot, so naturally will be looking it up. Thank you!

Lester~ It is, most definitely!

A Cuban in London~ I was honored by your comment and send many thanks your way.

Jinksy~ Thanks so much, and thanks too for the background work you did on behalf of my link this week. You are such a kind friend!

Tess~ Thank you for this great prompt, and I am tickled you got the tutu too gag. :)

susan~ That's a nice old saying! I hadn't heard it before. Getting cold up north yet, eh?

Colleen@Looseleafnotes said...

Wonderful! I can feel my toes pointing in my boots as I read.

Lydia said...

Colleen~ Much appreciate your comment. :)



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