Friday, April 4, 2008

Reading blogs, books, my sister's mind

Two Sisters by William Bouguereau (French 1825-1905)

I'm having this problem with posting and it is that I love reading other blogs! The blogosphere is new to me since creating mine, as I'd only read a few blogs in the past. But now I visit my bookmarked favorites daily and those visits lead me to other suggested blogs, and on and on I travel.

This is cutting into my reading in bed because I'm so tired by the time I get there that I can only stay awake for a few pages. At this rate it will take me an embarrassing amount of time to complete Reading Lolita in Tehran. My younger sister, Nel, sent it to me last month and wants it back when I'm finished. Because it is an amazing and compelling read it's not one I would be speed-reading anyway. But for the next week I am going to try to limit my nighttime blog reading, get to bed at a decent hour (I've felt sleep-deprived lately -- a dangerous condition for my psyche), and enjoy this book.

Vladimir Nabokov's memoir Speak, Memory is one of my favorite books, one I've re-read many times. Last Christmas I sent a copy to Nel, and she wrote afterward that it was ironic to receive it since she had asked her husband for Reading Lolita in Tehran as a gift. Those are the kind of touchstones that grace our sisterhood, although we live 2400 miles apart and haven't seen one another since 2001. We're not phone people so we've talked on the phone only twice since our mother died in 2000. I write and email more frequently than she does because she has two sons and is self-employed. Still, we are close in our own way.


Mibsy said...

Love the Bouguereau painting, now I have something else to google! I so relate to what you say about your sister (I have one of those, too!) and reading other blogs...I feel that my own posts are suffering from lack of attention because I am so interested in reading other blogs, who has time to think or write. But it will all come around and work out in the end. I was very reluctant to start blogging (I will blog about that sometime) but I am so happy I did it!

Lydia said...

Ah, you are up late too, Mibsy! I'm replying at 3:45AM to your 2:35AM comment. If this doesn't say it all about our excitement about blogging, nothing does! Not only excitement, but contentment also.
I'll look forward to that post about your former reluctance!



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