Saturday, April 5, 2008

clutter, Freecycle, birds

Not much time to write today. A couple of llama farmers are due at our house in a few moments to take the sink/vanity/medicine cabinet & mirror that we removed last February when we (Mike mainly) remodeled our bathroom. These items have been stored in our garage since then. Pyewacket, Boots, Pilgrim, and Onyx (the "garage cats") have had them to climb on long enough.

In my continuing effort to clear our clutter, I joined two local Freecycle groups last week, offered these things, and soon can list them as "taken."

This photo is today's daily photo from Free Digital Photos. What a face! The site called the bird a goldcrest and it resembles the goldfinches that dine at our kitchen window feeder. Which reminds me: rufus hummingbirds have returned to our yard. It's wonderful to have them back after their long journey.

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