Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bog Hot Springs photo memories

In a
July post about my solitary visit to Bog Hot Springs in Northern Nevada I admitted to frustration that I couldn't find my own photos, so instead published a nice video clip I found on the Internet. Slowly, I'm making headway in my clutter clearing projects. I even started a second blog, Clutterquake, as inspiration to keep me focused.

It's obvious by now that I found my Bog Hot photos. I'm doing a second post on the topic because I've had a lot of hits on the earlier post, so perhaps some of those folks might find time to still get out into the high desert near the Nevada-Oregon border for a good soak this autumn. Actually, if equipped to do so, one would likely have a special time there in the dead of winter.

I hope I can get back to Bog Hot sometime. Especially after seeing these shots again I remember what that day was like for me. Adventuresome.
Exciting. Spiritual. Relaxing. Fun. Solitary. Bonding. Cleansing. Peaceful. Unforgettable.


Flat Stanley said...

I loved your Flat Stanley adventures!

I am having fun in California.


Flat Stanley

Lydia said...

Dear Flat Stanley,

Wow! What a surprise to see you again. It was so much fun when Flat Stanley visited us in Oregon. We're all really happy that you are having such a fantastic time in California! It's a beautiful state and there's so much to do there.


Lydia and all the pets:
Bonbon, Abby, Feather, Shiva Lullaby, Pyewacket, Pilgrim, Bootsie, and Onyx.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Great shots! I really love that last one.....

Arnold Layne said...

The first photo is fantastic, everything about it between the car, the sky, the ground. Simple.

YogaforCynics said...

Looks good to me...oh, how I long to be in the Southwest again...though if that's up near the Oregon border, it might not, technically be southwest...then, maybe I'm being too literal...all the more reason why I need to escape to a hot spring in the desert wilderness...

Lydia said...

Wayfaring and Arnold,
I thought it was interesting that one of you liked the first and one the last photo best! I think you'd both LOVE the real place.... :)

Yoga for Cynics,
Yeah, technically Bog Hot is in the northwest high desert, which is similar to places I've been in the southwest. Any place with this kind of spirit would suit me just fine about now...



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