Sunday, January 4, 2009

lately, my dreams have been vivid

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Sleep Positions

This is how we sleep;
On our backs, with pillows covering our chests, heavy as dirt
On our sides, like wistful spoons
Clenched, knees in-tucked, arms folded
Wide, like sprawling-rooted lotuses

In Iowa on top of pictures of Hawaii, huge white flowers on blue
In New York on black satin
In China on straw.

This is how our dreams arrive:

As hot yellow taxicabs;
As sudden blazing steam, we who have been pots on a stove,
looking only at our own lids;
As uninvited insects, all at once on our tongues.

O, hairdresser, auditor, hardknuckled puller of crabtraps, you who
think poetry was school, you who believe you never had
a flying thought,
lie down.

-Lola Haskins



Mibsy said...

Wonderful! thanks for posting :o)

pumpkin said...

My dreams arrive by stealth and leave the same way,unless they're filled with horror and then they kick me in the stomach to wake me up. Do people actually have pleasant dreams they can remember?

~ Tabitha ~ said...

I hear ya on the dream stuff Lydia..I have been having vivid dreams too..sometimes I wake up and think about them for hours after the fact..odd.

Great post..I enjoyed reading this.

Honour said...

love it.
it reminds me of what Suki-poet (another blogger's) theme is this year ....

which is just being open to it all ...

Happy New Year Lydia!

Jennifer said...

That picture fit the poem perfectly.

And now I think of the various contorted sleeping positions I've been in over the past year. We're finally trying to transition my son into his own bed (yes, we are a "co-sleeping" family) and I am so looking forward to not constantly contorting myself around a preschooler. Maybe I'll be having more vivid dreams after the transition, too ...

(word verification: torid)

Lydia said...

Hey Mibsy,
It's just great having you back in the blogosphere!

"arrive by stealth"...good description.
I haven't had a dream filled with horror for some time. Sorrowful, yes. Pleasant, quite so. It's a bit of a gift to remember them.

Tabitha,'s interesting that you waken and then ponder them. Mine don't waken me. They've been returning during the day when I'm involved with other things. I've been surprised at the completeness of form and actually some have nearly blended into my waking life for minutes at a time. Very different for me.

Happy New Year to you, too! I love the way you interpreted the poem into a theme. Gives the whole post a deeper meaning still.....

Agree about the photo; it was an "a-ha!" moment finding it.
Co-sleeping makes sense to me in the very way you've done it. It's sweet and quirky and safe. You're going to love the extra space to be like "sprawling-rooted lotuses" when your son adjusts to his own special bed. (I should talk. The latest family member to join co-sleeping here is Willow, the kitten who sleeps on my pillow.;)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Hi Lydia

Happy new year - great poem, thanks for sharing. The only thing i really remember about the Freddy Kruger films (aside from how rubbish they were) is that one started with a quote from Edgar Allen Poe: "Sleep: those little slices of i hate them"

Its interesting to see a more hopeful impression.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I was having lots of trouble staying asleep last night.....I woke up at 4 and just tossed and turned until somewhere between 5-5:30....I kept telling myself to just get up and start my day, but I didn't....I ended up having this crazy dream where I was standing in line to take a shower which cost $5! The dude taking my money was trying to verify if it was counterfeit via a "tide pen" (stain remover!?)....anyways....I finally came to my senses and said forget it! and promptly walked out past the long line of other patrons waiting to shower....At that moment, I shot out of bed seconds before the alarm clock went off! Then guess what....I hopped in the shower! haha

I think my dream was telling me that I should have just got up!!!!!! haha

I've been having very vivid dreams lately, too....It started after Cody and I began taking these new vitamin supplements.....don't know if that's the reason though, but I continue to have the ability to remember my dreams or at least parts of them. Sometimes I'll even be caught up in a lucid dream and can go right back to sleep and keep dreaming if something wakes me up! I got pissed at Cody the other morning because he kept waking me up and I couldn't get back in to my dream, haha. Weird eh?

Sorry so long....I know you like stories though :o)

p.s. I have something for you at Wayfaring Wanderer

Elizabeth said...

I've had a few pleasant dreams that I hated to wake up from, but mostly they are strange or unpleasant or did I mention strange?

I just love that poem. I used to not like poetry (well, except for Shel Silverstein, is he considered poetry? :); too bad I didn't know your blog then, I would've changed my mind instantly. :)

distracted by shiny objects said...


Lydia said...

Happy New Year to you, too. Been on holiday? husband was quoting a poem of his last week. Way in the past I would have agreed with Poe's appraisal of sleep but I now honor the importance of it and really love to sleep!

Aw, thanks for that award over at your blog. You're so great. I will pass along, especially after reading your post about what it can mean to people.
Your dream cracked me up and I think you came to the logical interpretation of it. But are dreams logical?....
You're right: I do like stories and I really liked yours. :)

I wonder if different times in our lives produce dreams in those categories you named: pleasant, unpleasant, strange. My strange dreams have always been hysterically funny!
How nice of you to say that you enjoy poetry in part because of what you've read here. That's so cool. Distracted by Shiny Objects, who commented below you, posts some amazing poems so now that your appetite for poetry has been awakened you would probably enjoy dessert over at her blog!

Per my message above to Elizabeth you might want to get out the dessert trays. Company's coming.

Mainframeguy said...

oooh oooh oooh - loved this! This is why you are on my blogroll under poetry! Having to scrape my tongue and feeling a bit sad about auditors now, but looking forward to my bed OH SO MUCH!

and thank you so much for persevering to my new blog and letting me know - it was a blogger obfuscation and I think I should have more or less cleared that up, so you'll be able to get to my blog more directly in future!

last but not least - Happy New Year!

Lydia said...

I agree totally about this poem. It's quite wonderful and not one I'll forget. In fact, it may be one that I'll eventually memorize.

So glad that whatever the glitch was you could take care of easily (not that I doubted that!).

O, and Happy New Year to you too.



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