Tuesday, January 6, 2009

gems in the award pond

In her recent post titled Share the Love: Award Announcements, Jessica at Wayfaring Wanderer included me among other bloggers she honored for the award here. Her introduction before the awards list has the cutest conversational quality about it. In a witty and genuine manner she shares how she has come to understand that passing along these blog awards is a way "to extend, what I hope to have a Ripple Effect, to . . . bloggers who always inspire, provoke, and spark me in ways they can't even imagine."

That said, (so beautifully), ...........I'm sending it on.

This one's for some bloggers who, for various reasons, come to mind with
the song This One's for the Girls by Martina McBride (using "girls" loosely here, and, with the exception of the first award below, it's not necessarily the word I would select to describe these very intelligent, emotionally mature, keenly witty, uniquely creative, and warmly responsive women).

They are......

Owen @ Helping our Planet's Endangered Species: She is a 14-year-old girl whose mother helps run the blog that supports HOPES (Helping our Planet's Endangered Species), which Owen created to raise awareness and money for the cause. She is a sensitive artist who creates drawings of the animals she is trying to save and auctions them on ebay. All donations go to WWF, the World Wildlife Fund.

Deena Stryker @ Other Jones-Journal
: What a mind! and she's expanding mine. Her brilliance as a writer/political observer
/journalist cannot be overstated.

Honour @ The Art of Practice: Read her magnificent poem, Blogging, and have an "ah-ha" moment that will introduce you to this dear heart.

Lisa Allender Writes: ...and acts, and publishes, and advocates, and is basically the energizer bunny rolled up in a peace sign (when she's not recuperating from major surgery).

Robin @ a little bird told me,: She's had an amazing year and all signs indicate a remarkable life ahead for this special artist/photographer/writer/philosopher.

Elizabeth @ retinal perspectives: She is "a thirtysomething girl who is slowly finding her place in the world" and what a truly beautiful way she has of sharing it with us.

I'll stop with these six gems for the Ripple Effect. O, I have more gems I'm anxious to throw into the award pond. I just don't want to create a tsunami.

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Melinda said...

Lydia--thanks for posting links to these blogs. I will definitely check them out. I know that these 'awards' can sometimes be cumbersome but I actually appreciate learning about great blogs from people I know.

Take care,


a little bird said...


Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me. Last night I took my chip, and a young girl, my sister's age, asked me to be her sponsor... I couldn't believe it. I just looked at her with this big deer in headlight eyes and stuttered, ME?!

I so admire you & the way you choose to live your life, it has been an honor reading your blog the past year. Thank you so much for every comment and every sign of support!

oh, and thanks for mentioning me as well :)

have a good one.


raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Lydia. Congrats on the award! Sorry I haven't visited for a while:( I like the Martina video.
Take care and have a great week.

Rhiannon said...

Congratulations for your blog friends. I will check a few out.

Well Lydia, I took the quiz and apparently I'm someone who's music I don't even like except maybe one or two of her songs!...Sheryl Crow! he he...

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on your award. It was well deserved. I enjoy reading your words immensely.

And thank you so much. I am touched to be included in your list. That song was great, except she skipped the 30s. Well .. I am living in a small apartment, and I eat lots of spaghetti, and I still wonder where my life will go .. so I guess I'll be 25, LOL.

I will have to pass this on. I am not entirely sure if I can include the award on my blog template but I guess I don't need the award picture to pass it on anyway - though it would be nice.

Owen F said...

Dear Lydia-

Oh wow! Thankyou so much, this is awesome!!! :D

I never thought I'd get an award, I can't believe it! Oh thankyou so much!

It's really cool that you support WWF and NRDC too!!!

Thankyou SO MUCH!

And major congrats on YOUR award!

Lydia said...

That's great to know that you'll look at these fine blogs. Case in point, see comment just below yours: a kindred one.

Little Bird,
I'm not surprised that a young girl would seek you out as her sponsor. You'd be a life-changing sponsor for her, I'm sure. The very young in recovery are the ones who impress me the most, because if they can just get it they seem to really get it! But the road stretches out so long in front of them.......and therein lies the challenge.
You are so sweet with your compliments, but it's all been grace (and in the past year you have been a part of it). :)

Raccoon Lover Lisa,
Thanks, and how good to see you. I thought about you over the holidays and know they held special memories, sorrows, and joys for you this year. Take care.

O, I can tell how disappointed you are; sorry! I don't know what to think when so many were Ani DiFranco. It's just a topsy-turvy world I tell ya.

Thank you, and it was a pleasure to pass it on to you. Seeing the Pacific Northwest through your photographic eye has been a fresh experience for me, almost like being new to the state again. I love that!

Aw, look at your wonderful HOPES avatar! If anyone deserves this award and many more in the future, it is you, who at such a young age is selflessly working to make a difference. I am SO impressed and wish you many readers and donations. Thanks for being a leader in your generation.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Lydia, Thank you for the kudos!!I LOVE your enthusiasm for all of us other girls, and your words about me were touching, and very funny!I love the "rolled up in a Peace sign", and "when not recovering from major surgery". LOL.
I can't wait to tap into all the other blogs you have listed, especially Owen's--what a marvelous contribution by one of our younger girls!
Thank you again, for all your generosity! If there is no objection, I plan to add links to all of the blogs to whom you awarded the Kreativ!

Lydia said...

Of course I think it would be especially wonderful if you would add links the the others' blogs! Readers who later discover them at your blog will be glad that you did!
(p.s. Wayfaring Wanderer, who awarded it to me in the first place, really deserves a visit from you too!)



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