Monday, February 23, 2009

Willow is a work of art

Nothing is so difficult as to paint the cat's face, which as Moncrif justly observes, bears a character of "finesse and hilarity."

(Jules Fleury-Husson)
French writer

This shot of Willow, my kitten with the goatee, was taken in early February. I appreciated this quote and thought the photo would look good run through the "fine arts" effect in photo studio. Willow is a work of art in every sense.

She's almost five-months old now. When she had her second round of kitten shots the veterinarian discovered a heart murmur. Her heart was racing wildly also as a result of the 15-mile drive, but he said the heart murmur was definitely there. This places a concern about having her spayed in the next months (anesthesia is risky when this condition is involved). I've been doing lots of research on heart murmurs in cats, and one hopeful scenario is that heart murmurs in kittens sometimes inexplicably disappear at around six months of age. That is what Willow and I, together, each day are hoping for/praying about/meditating on. You are welcome to join us.



Marie Reed said...

She is a work of art who is growing like a weed! She gas gotten huge.. poor little baby kitty! I will pray for Miss Willow. If she doesn't outgrow this malady what does that mean.. Is her life expectancy reduced.. should she not be allowed outside? Oh no I have a zillion questions now.. I'll just have to google it. Hugs from Marie, Bonsai and Cresson!

dmarks said...

I like the cat with the goatee. We need more of those, and fewer of those cats that have Hitler moustaches.

Mibsy said...

Hoping for, praying about, meditating on here...what a beauty!

Di Mackey said...

Oh, I hope it all works out well.

Melinda said...

What a beautiful kitty, Lydia! I have always loved cats--and in fact, I love all animals, including dogs. For the past 8 years or so, Les and I have been bicoastal so it's been impossible for us to have animals. However, I am now staing in MA a little bit more than I used to so we are considering getting a couple of cats. We do have a neighbor who can check on them while we are gone (he's volunteered). So, this week (in fact!), we are going to the shelter to try to find some abandoned kitties who need a home. I can't wait!

My home just hasn't felt quite as complete as I wish it would without any animals--they have always been such an important part of my life.


Lydia said...

@Marie Reed- You initially described Willow as tall and graceful, and you were right about that. Her growth spurt right now has her all length and lank. She has the longest tail I've ever seen on a kitten.
I had our Standard Poodle at the vet today (oh my, we may have trouble beyond a "systemic virus") and discussed Willow's heart murmur briefly with a different vet (they're all specialists at this clinic). He mentioned that "it may close up" somewhere between the six months and one year old. If the murmur doesn't "close up" he said that surgery will be required. Heart surgery on a that should be an inexpensive little affair. *sigh*

@dmarks- You are so funny! But you're right, there do seem to be a lot of mustached felines in our neighborhood.....

@Mibsy- Aww, thank you so much, friend.

@Di- As do I. Positivity is def. in order!

@Melinda- My heart just melted when I read that you might adopt some lucky cats from the shelter. It's so important right now, because the shelters are overflowing with animals who've been relinquished by owners who have lost their homes/jobs. It's a tragedy. I really hope this works out for you and I'll look so forward to hearing about them.
(Willow was born to a stray who was taken in by neighbors across the street. The family is struggling...single mom, we paid for the mama cat to be spayed after homes were found for all the kittens. Of course, we got the prize of the litter!)

Ted Bagley said...

As Moncrif says,"WHAT A Liar!".

Lydia said...

@Ted- Um, let me guess....not a fan of cats or Moncrif or both? :)

Lydia said...

@Everybody/anyone- Out of curiosity I wonder if any of you has read Moncrif's Histoire des chats. I admit I had not heard of it until finding this quote.

Kim said...

Willow from your pillow! Not a heart murmur! I'm hoping it's the disappearing kind.

That picture is great.

Buddha said...

I don't want to insult your cat but she looks like a very dignified old southern gentleman :)
Well we are going to think about her in our meditation tonight.
I hope she will be fine!

Lydia said...

@Kim- Yes, my pillow girl! She's the sweetest thing and has a heart of gold. Willow just has to be ok.

@Buddha- Oh, so funny! I've never seen a cat with a goatee before and if I was a cartoonist I imagine I'd try out the characterization you imagined.
It means the world to me that you included her in your meditation tonight. You said "our" and I think you must mean your family, so please thank your wife and the girls for their good thoughts.

Rhiannon said...

Aaaah, Lydia,

I shall say a special prayer for Willow and you to get through this. I have a heart murmur myself..MVP. I've had it since a young child or born with it I suppose. So far it's not been too big a deal. However I'm sure with cats and animals it's a different story. I've had surgeries and got through them fine. I pray that Willow (lovely name by the way) will outgrow the murmur.

I have a cat also. She had a urinary tract infection just a few weeks ago it was fun grinding her pills up to powder in order to mix it in her food so she wouldn't know! She's a smart one!..but it was well worth it..I love her. She is all black and her name is "Lizzie" named after the character from Pride & Prejudice. She had a brother named Darcy but he is gone now. I got them at 6 weeks..they were the only two born alive in the whole litter. I received them as a mothers day present almost 7 years ago by two young foster half sisters that lived on same street I did back then. Lovely girls, I still have a very close friendship with them. They knew I could not have children and when they brought the baby kittens to the front door in a basket with a bow and I opened it the girls said "your a mother now, happy mothers day"! sweet of them..yeah they both were my kitties. I miss Darcy so much..but Lizzie and I are a little family. I have taken good care of her all these years. She is part of my healing and incentive to go on in life..she brings me great joy. She loves to lay on top of her cat post on her stomache like a funny...and she also loves laying on her back and stretching her paws out at me to touch me lightly..such a sweetie.

I love animals!..Horses I love just watching them run with their lovely graceful manes flying in the wind.

Keep us posted about Willow. I just said a special prayer for her and you.

P.S. I get depressed at times also. I know it's not easy Lydia. I usually do what you said you do. Somehow we manage to get through, through the grace of our imperfections.



Lydia said...

@Rhi- I'm so glad that I read your comment before shutting down for the night. It brought me much peace, and I thank you for your understanding and special prayer. You are a kindred with Willow, both of you with your heart murmurs...
The story of how Lizzie and Darcy came into your life would make such a wonderful Mother's Day post (hint, hint :) I am SO glad that you have Lizzie for comfort. (and we won't mention to the cats anything about imperfections...they simply wouldn't understand the concept!)

francessa said...

Lydia, Willow is sooo beautiful!
I've also heard by several people that the heart murmur often ceases after the first six months. So, let's just hope for the best!

Darlene said...

Willow is beautiful and her name seems to fit. I hope her heart murmur disappears. I am sending healing thoughts to her.

Looking to the Stars said...

Hooray, looks like I can post again. Willow is just a sweetie :)

Lydia said...

@Francessa- I'm glad you love her because she purrs hello to you, HS. Your good and positive thoughts will help her I hope. :)

@Darlene- Thanks so much for those healing thoughts. This morning I thought about all the nice comments people had about Willow and I could almost feel love beaming into her. :)

@Looking to the Stars- Well I'm glad you're back, as I couldn't figure out what in the heck was going on at your blog last night! Willow thanks you for the compliment. :)



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