Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Postcard Wednesday--Red Rocks Theatre, Denver, Colorado

My one year blog anniversary coincided with Old Postcard Wednesday so I looked through the stack for something that spoke to me about the occasion. This one did it.

The day I wrote my first post I felt as empty as the amphitheatre is in this postcard. The farthest thing from my mind was that anyone would read what I wrote, but I think it was the slight possibility of having a reader or two that made it exciting to try. Yes, I know that professionals say "write for yourself," and I'd kept journals for years but then the well went dry and nothing came at all.......

Below is the entirety of my
first post in this blog. It's brief and won't take long to read, so "sit" a few minutes here in the beautiful solitude of Red Rocks, and, while the mountain air eases any cares of the day, come to understand how your being here helped this blog grow from it's about time to Writerquake.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jumping in

I made this blog yesterday with the title "It's about time" not because I intend to write about time, although I will from time to time write about time, but because I simply haven't been writing and it's about time I did. My intention now is to use this as a journal space to blast out some words. Right now I don't plan on telling anyone I know, including my husband, Mike, that I am writing a blog. Sending my thoughts out into word space is my last idea, really, to free myself to write. I hope it works. I hope that what comes from this is my own writerquake in the 4.0 and above range.

And that will take time . . .

To read about Red Rocks visit the website here.

(NOTE: Leonard Cohen World Tour will be there on June 2, 2009.)

Rocky Mountain News - April 28, 2008 - an interesting video providing background on Red Rocks as a concert venue:

It is the preeminent concert experience -- Red Rocks in Denver. Legendary promoter Barry Fey takes us behind the scenes.



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Congratulations on the anniversary!
I have only been doing it for a bit more than 2 months now and there is a lot i still don't know abiout posting...
But you managed to establish two very nice blogs and they do attract nice people, too, as I can see from the comments
love, sarah sofia

Kirie said...

Happy blog-o-versary! I am so glad to be a reader of the writing that would have waited in journals if not for the blog. Your writing and synthesis of things you see in your life is a gift you give to all of your readers! Thank you!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Yay! You made it!! Happy Blogiversary!

The excerpt from your first post most definitely had a sense of nervousness to it, which I found endearing, especially since I think you are a terrific writer and seem very self assured in your current writings.

It is so wonderful how something so seemingly insignificant can transform us in ways we don't realize until we take the time to "see".

Here's to further growth within this bottomless realm we so lovingly refer to as the blogoshpere!!

Have a great day, dear friend.

p.s. It would be so perfect if you received your little package on this day :o) I shall will it!

laughingyogini said...

CONGRATULATIONS :-) what a great landmark to celebrate. And you did it yourself...

I experienced a thrill at the 6 month mark (and celebrated with major upgrade work on the blog!) not too long ago, so I can just imagine how one year feels.....

One of the cool things I have found with the blog is that it just keeps growing! My circle of new friends (such as your wonderful self) expands into a huge worldwide pumping heart.

hmmm...thinking...wishing... LC at Red Rocks in June, huh???? I have a sister-in-law in boulder :-)

PS need to get your link on my site now....

dmarks said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I know of Red Rocks because the Moody Blues ones recorded a concert there.

naomi dagen bloom said...

"Onward and upward" was my first impression on seeing the card. Guess that would apply to you and your writing.

Curious that the emptiness did not strike me till you wrote about it! Not empty now...congratulations on your very first year. I'm looking forward to the ones ahead.

yours, naomi

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. I am glad I came on such an important date. That postcard looks great. It has some incredible mood, I mean looks like some scifi scenario, futuristic architecture in spite of having been built in 1941.

Erin said...


I love your postcard feature. I just sent your URL to a fellow Salt Lake City blogger who wrote today that she collects postcards and doesn't know what to do with them. Maybe you'll inspire her!

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you made the journey to blog because without you and Darlene then I would never have found the freeing of blogging.
Best wishes always to you :)

Adam said...

ah....I remember that very first post. good times...and how appropriate that I get caught up in the blogosphere on your blog's anniversary :o

youve come a very long way, both with your writing and blog popularity; it seems like youve accomplished your goals from that first post, and used this space to blast out words, and youve developed a loyal following (30+ followers, and 50+ feedburners, yikes!) and you certainly have done a great job in making powerful, moving posts, and sticking with this blog all the way. congratulations on coming this far, hope theres many more to come!


Steve Morozumi said...


glad that you decided to start writing again this time last year. right on!

i've always wondered about red rocks because i've always heard that it's amazing. thanks for sharing the post card and the vid! i like!

-Steve @ fluxlife

Buddha said...

Happy Anniversary!
I can’t believe you are one year old, for some reason I thought you were a much more seasoned blogger.
I’m fortunate – we are fortunate - to have you as a friend.
Keep on blogging!

Lydia said...

@Sarah Sofia- Thank you. It seems amazing to me that you've been blogging for only two months but you have SO many blogs. You are very industrious!

@Kirie- Thanks so much. What sweet things for you to say! :)

@Wayfaring Wanderer- You have strong will, because the little package did arrive in the mail this afternoon....and it was the perfect way to celebrate this blogiversary. The mini prints from your Etsy shop are absolutely beautiful and I have them set on a special table in the living room. Since it rained today the gorgeous flowers really cheered me. Oh, and I LOVE your business card too; that's one of my favorite shots of yours. :) Yes, here's to further growth and deepening friendship.

@laughingyogini- Thanks for your comments. You described so perfectly the friendships we make in the blogosphere....."huge worldwide pumping heart." As you grace us with the final six months of your first year of blogging I really do think you should treat yourself to LC at Red Rocks. If my lotto ticket wins I'll see you there!

@dmarks- Ah, ha! Guess what I was looking for specifically at You Tube for this post? Yup, a clip of the Moody Blues concert at Red Rocks! I saw it I think on Public Broadcasting and it left a huge impression. The clip may be there but I settled on this more informational one that showcased the many artists who have performed there.

@Naomi- Oh, thank you so much for your fantastic comments and support, and for your blog that means a lot to me! :)

@Carlos- I'm so glad you came by on this particular day, too, because your description of the postcard was super...and so is your friendship.

@Erin- Thanks for coming by today and for sending your friend the link here. There are lots of postcard bloggers, some exclusively postcards. Case in point, dmarks who commented above has an impressive collection and shows them in creative ways.

@Looking to the Stars- Thank you! I think it's special that one of my Old Postcard Wednesday posts discussed your relatives (here for those curious!), and that Darlene's comments there led you to her, which led you to blogging. You couldn't make this kind of stuff up....and we didn't!

@Adam- Oh, Adam, how absolutely full-circle special it was to have a comment from you on this blogiversary! My first blogging buddy, you helped me so much with my techy confusion. I, no kidding, thought about you today. Does this comment mean that you will commit to doing your blog again? I'm still a follower, so will be aware if/when something new from you appears. Are you still taking pictures? How's your big sister doing? Have you taken early college entrance exams? ......See, you really need to write in your blog!

@Steve- Thanks so much for your good wishes, and for the positivity you add to the blogosphere. Don't you really want to make a vacation plan around a concert at Red Rocks now? Speaking of rocks.....your blog does!

@Buddha- As I have been replying to these wonderful comments my follower feed popped up your latest post in your God series. I know where I'm headed next, dear friend. Thanks for your comments.

Melinda said...

Lydia, Congratulations on the year of blogging--and indeed, the blogging world is much better with you in it!

I am starting to really look forward to our 'old postcard Wednesdays' and I may just try to coincide my visit to my sister in CO with Leonard Cohen's concert appearance at the Red Rocks. I didn't realize it but just bookmarked his tour site.

Congrats again!


Lydia said...

@Melinda- Thank you so much for your comments. :)
Ooooh, wouldn't it be wonderful if it could work out for you to be at Cohen's concert at Red Rocks? Have you ever been there? I will be very excited if you are able to be there.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Ah Red Rocks - where a little known irish group broke themselves onto the world stage back in 1983

They finally released the full DVD of U2 Under A Blood Red Sky recently - and you forget how full of youthful passion they were.

Keep up the good work Lydia, your posts cheer my day xx

Wandering Alice said...

Congratulations! Here's to many more posts! *sounds of a toast being raised*

Lydia said...

@Pixies- Thanks. :)
After I read your comment I looked at some of the vids at You Tube......1983 seems like such a long time ago, and you're right that they were full of youthful passion.

@Wandering Alice- I appreciate your hearty congratulations so very much. :)

Jennifer said...

I'm almost a week late, but I just wanted to say congratulations on being in the blogosphere for a year, and I hope you keep on blogging for a long time, for as long as it feels right.

Your spot here is a unique place, with such a variety of writing, from poetry to well-researched articles to intriguing stuff from YouTube. Plus you find quizzes that I always have to take!

So, happy anniversary!

Lydia said...

@Jennifer- Belated wishes are great too! Your comments are pretty darned amazing and I thank you for them.

Anonymous said...

I was a resident of Denver in the mid 1950's. while I was there I attended a concert at Red Rocks Theatre by Liberace. I revisited Red Rocks last year and did not see a plaque on the wall showing that he had performed there. I still have the showbill and an autographed picture that I received from Liberace when I went downtown Denver at the bank which sponsored his television show at that time. Just wondered why his name was not on a plaque on the wall of performers at the Red Rocks Center?

Lydia said...

@ Anonymous- I appreciate your comments. It really does seem strange that Liberace's name wouldn't be on a plaque there. I envy you the opportunity to have seen him at Red Rocks Theatre, where the acoustics are supposed to be close to perfect. I watched his tv show when I was a little girl. No one else in my family much cared about it, so I watched alone. I thought he was marvelous!



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