Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can Darlene pick 'em, or what?

Well, Darlene of Darlene's Hodgepodge blog accurately picked the young woman named as the 2009 Rose Festival queen: Rachel Seeman. See my previous post with Darlene's comments for more information.

We had a great time in Portland today and really enjoyed the parade and the crowds. I'm going through photos/videos to see which ones I might share in another post.

The Oregonian newspaper has a charming video at its website taken just before the coronation as the court was getting ready, and then of the moment when the queen was announced. It's edited in a clever way and is a cute glimpse into this part of the Portland Rose Festival. I won't post it; that would be a bit much! But you can view it, if you desire, at this link.

[One more note: Rachel Seeman is a junior in high school, where most of the girls selected on the court are seniors.]

Photo: Bob Finch, The Oregonian



the watercats said...

The whole beauty competition thing is a wierd one.... I suppose it's a cultural difference thing. In the U.S being more beautiful, or better at something than someone else is o.k. Over here, and in England, it's admired behind closed doors, but mostly torn apart. "would you look at him/her/that.. who do they think they are.."..etc etc. It's interesting to me the whole analysis of 'beauty'...

Darlene said...

Whoo Hoo! Once in awhile I'm right. She is a beautiful girl, but her accomplishments are really the important thing.

Now I would like to see the roses.

Lydia said...

@the watercats- You are the second blogger from another country to say something similar about being overtly showy, boastful, etc. The other is in Australia, where, she says, humility is the norm and expected manner.
I think the regular beauty queen culture in the U.S. (and other countries) is ridiculous and for the most part demeans women. The Rose Festival crown has always been different, however, in that it isn't a beauty contest, but a contest of high school girls from whom an ambassador will be chosen to promote the festival and Portland. Some are beautiful, all seem lovely or lively, but the criteria has always been on scholarship and extracurricular service/volunteer activities. I was a total slug in high school compared to how these girls live their lives!

@Darlene- Yup, you called the winner. This year they had the queen and court on a wagon. The queen was seated on the front seat with two drivers and I didn't realize what I was looking at until seeing the line of girls seated along the sides of the back. Didn't get a good look at Rachel at all.
My photos don't show many roses, as we didn't get up close to the floats that had them and we didn't go to the Rose Garden after the parade. I hope what I caught will be fun for you to see. :)

Steinar Arason said...

Hello I found you on blogcatalog and I followed you too.

Nice blog. And beautiful girl on the photo.

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Lydia said...

@Steinar Arason- You have a very distinguished-sounding name! Thank you for the visit and the follow. I'll be by to see your blog to see what you're up to. :)



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