Monday, June 8, 2009

one more time around the parade

Below is the video I shot from my camera in the bleachers where we sat for the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade last Saturday. It is shaky, sorry. But this group is such a crowd favorite that I thought some of you would get a smile from their performance. The video is 3:24 minutes long because that's the amount of time it takes for all of these people to march by. Be sure to watch for when I pan to the left when you can see the size of this band as it snakes to the right, having approached the street from the complex where the parade began.

The Portland Rose Festival One More Time Around Again Marching Band presented by Standard TV & Appliance (aka the OMTAAMB) is comprised of over 500 marching band fanatics who don't know when to quit! Members range in age from 18 to 85 and have all marched at some point in their life. Listen for the OMTAAMB in June as they march through the streets of Portland in the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade and Starlight Parade and their feature performance at Concert at the Park.

The OMTAAMB is made up of former high school, college and military marching band members. Members come from far away places just to perform with the band each year -- in recent years there are members who have come from California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Japan and New Zealand.

Read the full history of OMTAAB (above text from this site & I added the emphasis).

I tried something altogether different with the still shots. So we are experimenting together on this one! I actually was pleased with a few of the stills I took, some that I didn't include in the little animoto project below. I just didn't feel like weeding through gazillions of shots to select one to post, plus I've been wanting to try an animoto since enjoying them at ParisDailyPhoto, where Eric has become an absolute pro with this medium.

The ending shot is of Mike and me after lunch at Cadillac Cafe (where there is a real, very beautifully restored Caddy behind glass in the dining room). Because the shot moves along quickly I felt brave to share with you two changes in me........... I got braces in May after wanting them for decades and I have decided to let the gray grow out in my hair! I have about two inches now and I've been surprised how much I like it, what depth it has as opposed to false haircoloring. Totally shocked actually, and Mike was right about this all along. This means I need to alter the wording in my profile About Me, once I'm positive I'm committed to the change.

(About the braces, after this general announcement here, I will be sharing the 21-month-long odyssey of adult orthodontia from time to time in my other blog only!)


I'm finding that the animoto doesn't always work the first time, and when I click "refresh" then push play again, there is no problem.

Roses graphics:



Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Marching bands - we don't get as many over here as we used to: nor the bandstand bands you used to get with as much brass as you can eat.

It must be bloody hard to walk and play tuba at the same time - you have to admire anyone who tries! I doubt if i could manage a harmonica!

As a kid i used to go and see the Scout's annual Gang Show (variety show basically) and they'd have the marching band on stage - but it was far too loud for the small theatre and everyone was always quietly glad when they finished.

Unknown said...

The Rose Parade has nothing to the Portland Rose Festival :)
I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and the fun people had

Rhiannon said...

I wish I could be able to watch and "hear" the video but sorry on my old pc still.

The roses you put in this post are beautiful however!

I'm trying to imagine you with your natural hair turning grey "slowly" and it's great about your braces..go girl!

When the grey grow out on the top of my roots (top head) it looks like I'm a skunk looks terrible when you have dark reddish brown natural blonde women have it easier as when they get grey hair it looks and seems more natural and not so obvious..we dark brunettes have a hard time of it, it just doesn't look right..

For years now, I've honestly thought of shaving my entire head to be bald. I've even said it outloud to many people. I have almost done it twice as I'm so tired of dealing taking all the time with my hair. Since I can't go to a beauty parlor because of the chemicals making me very sick and I've not gone to one in over 20 years, I have to spend way to much time with my "wild' hair in order to make it look like it does.

Excuse me I think I'm going to go buy a mans razor and think about shaving my head!..:o)I've rather be bald then look like a skunk!..sigh..he he..

Hope your having a good week Lydia and wish I could see the video..darn!

Love and Blessings,


bookmanie said...

Hello Lydia.Lydia Bravo, you wrote an interesting article on this grouppe which consists of 500 members for a band. The idea is brilliant, you are too. This is exactly the idea that I have on blogger. May be utopian, but create a solid block, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of subscribers all faithful to each other. I want to thank you for your comment on my blog, it made me warm to the heart.

Lily said...

nice to see some local things like this festival!

we went to a fleamarket and to germany last weekend:

here is also something about me, i would like you to read, so you get to know me better:

I remember also reading things like that about you, but was it the same 10-kind-of-thing-thing?! Can't remember, but if you feel you haven't done it too much in the past, perhaps you also wann bring 10 things like that about you as well?

love, Sarah Sofia

Melinda said...


I loved both the videos--the moving 'live' one of the fun parade (Oh, how I would have loved to be there) as well as the still, so beautifully pieced together. And how fun it was to see what you look like--and how happy you seem with Mike--that does do my heart good.

I am so glad you went forth with getting the braces--how lovely you are doing this thing for yourself that you have probably longed to do for a quite some time. I look forward to hearing you blog about that particular journey.

Most people resist change--but to be honest, I find it stimulating!



Darlene said...

You did a great job with Animoto in that second video. Thanks for sharing your parade.

I like your gray hair. I have watched mine turn from brown to white a strand at a time and never wanted to color it. First, the white added highlights, now the remaining brown does the job.

Yolanda said...

Loved this. I was at work but someday would love to go.

Hattie said...

You really are quite handy with the cam. Is that you in the last frame? You look so young.

francessa said...

Lydia, thanks for the video and photos! All of this is amazing for me, as we don't have parades or marching bands over here!

The photo of you two is lovely!

Lydia said...

@Pixies- I wonder why you don't have as many marching bands as you used to. They're still a big part of American sports in high school and college. I was never in one, was never a band chick.

@Buddha- I guess you were making a distinction between the Pasadena Rose Parade (that I've yet to see) and the Portland Rose Festival. The one in Portland is definitely a community-wide, nearly month-long attraction.

@Rhi- I do know what you mean about those gray roots coming out on top of your head when you have brown hair. Mine used to look like I'd been dusted or something. But once more grows out it looks more normal, less contrast to the bottled color. Your idea of shaving your head doesn't sound too far-fetched for an artist like you!
I'm sorry you couldn't see the video, too.

@Bookmanie- Your vision is really something special in the blogosphere. I am fascinated with what you're creating over at your blog!

@Sarah Sofia- You are always hopping around to other countries for little visits and I'm so envious!
If I don't come look at your 10 things right now, I will forget. So I'll be by as soon as I finish these comments. :)

@Melinda- Thank you for your personal and heartfelt comments. I'm finding the changes stimulating, if not sometimes disconcerting. You know how you go through certain stages in your life when you can feel the undercurrent of change moving inside you? I'm in one of those stages right now.

@Darlene- Thank you for appreciating these parade remembrances. Also, I really appreciate your comments about the hair color change. It's nice having a role model.

@Yolanda- Wow, hey! Haven't heard from you for so long (and vice versa, I realize and will repair). Sorry you missed the parade and I hope your schedule can be worked out next year so you can attend.

@Hattie- That little camera is a point-and-shoot thing, but I hate the delay and realize that I now also want a digital SLR. That doesn't mean I'm going to get one though! Yes, that is me with Mike in the final shot. Young? gee, thanks. I don't see it.

@Francessa- Well, we know that if you are ever to plan a visit here it should be at Rose Festival time. I get excited thinking about that! Glad you liked the'd love that restaurant!

Unknown said...

Oooohh, Lydia, this is perfection:>)!! Really. I'm amazed by the animoto video, love how all the photos fade or drop in and come together. Very well done.
LOVE the parade video. I love parades, period, and the thought of 500 folks who march for the love of it...what a gift.

Way to go with the braces. If you write a post from time to time, I'll nag about brushing your teeth from time to time like I did with the grrrrls. I want you to have the ENTIRE experience:>)
Couldn't see the grey hair much. I'm deeply jealous. Keep hoping my will grow in like Emmy Lou Harris. It of course doesn't and my hairdresser thinks I'm hilarious.

Lydia said...

@distracted- Test the animoto site and you'll see how much fun it is. We, the photographer, upload the shots and own music if preferred (but there is a music lounge there) and basically they take it from there. I didn't really like the first rendition so I sent it back through with different music and had this result. What a cool thing!

I find it so heartening that you wouldn't allow me to be cheated from having the ENTIRE experience. So funny. :)
Emmy Lou is the queen of gray hair, that's for sure.

naomi dagen bloom said...

Thanks for such an upbeat walk along with the paraders. Our grandkids enjoyed it, I'm told...will have to play your video for them when we're there next week.

Lydia said...

@naomi- Just think, next year you will BE HERE to see it!
We parked in the vicinity of Holladay Park Plaza, where Mike's grandmother lived the last years of her life. It was great to walk by the windows of the dining hall and recall two beautiful Thanksgiving dinners with her there.
Terwilliger seems even nicer than Holladay Park.
Enjoy your week and I hope things really fall into place once you return to NY.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

What fun! It has been ages since I have attended a parade. I love your videos! I've heard of the Animoto site numerous times but have yet to test it myself. Maybe I'll give it a go?!

p.s. When I come in October maybe you can take me to one of your favorite waterfalls?

p.s.s. Yep, you heard it right......I'm coming in OCTOBER!!!

Lydia said...

@Wayfaring Wanderer- I think you'd have some fun with Animoto, so, yea, give it a try.

It is great news to hear that you settled on an actual month. Let me know what days, length of time, etc. Silver Falls State Park awaits you (and I'm ashamed to admit that I've never in all these years seen all of the falls there). The official website has a video. This other site has good descriptions of the hikes there.

There's always Multnomah Falls in the Columbia Gorge, and I've never been there!



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