Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee*

I first saw this excellent video featuring Annabel Park over at Raven's Nest blog.
Coffee Party USA uploaded the video to youtube in February, and watching Ms. Park speak to us while standing in a flurry of snow inspires my interest and admiration .........and also makes me really appreciate spring!

I'm going to join the group on Facebook after I post the video here.

Coffee Party USA Mission Statement:
Coffee Party USA gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize that the federal government is not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges that we face as Americans. As voters and grassroots volunteers, we will support leaders who work toward positive solutions, and hold accountable those who obstruct them.

*quote by Carly Simon
photo via Freedigitalphotos

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distracted by shiny objects said...

That's a cup I can drink from!!

Ryhen Satch said...

The government functioning as an expression of the people's collective will? hehe. I think Ms. Annabel Park is cute, but I sincerely doubt that what she expects to happen will come true at all. The government is an expression of the male, egocentric, dominating, and power-hungry aspect of the human psyche. And that wouldn't change as long as people like us support the socio-economic system which provides the energy that keeps this kind of entity functioning. =)

That's just my opinion, of course. ehehe.

Peace and respect,

Indigo said...

Wonderful movement! I sent the YouTube to a few friends I thought would be interested. (Hugs)Indigo

Melinda said...

Hi Lydia! I'm going to return tomorrow for Old Postcard Wednesday but I really appreciated this post. I have never heard of the coffee movement but I have to say, I think it sounds like a great idea. We certainly need more cooperation in government and to be honest, I am so sick of seeing our politicians spend most of their time bashing the other side and not getting real progress made. The health care bill is such a perfect example of that!

Take care,


Phivos Nicolaides said...

It looks interesting!

Darlene said...

I'm a coffee drinker so it works for me.

Rhiannon said...

I'm definitely going to share my coffee with as many people as I can...I've lost my taste for tea of late!

Great post...thank you! I've got an interesting youtube video over at my blog also...

Blessings and Happy Spring Lydia!

Lydia said...

Distracted~ Great, then have a cuppa!

Ryhen~ Thank you for your interesting and provocative comments. :)

Indigo~ That is terrific, dear friend.

Melinda~ We've seen the escalation of that "bashing" in our lifetimes, most definitely. The Coffee Movement has additional videos, one in which Ms. Park is acknowledging a tough road ahead but their initial mission is what drives them now. See ya Wednesday!

Phivos~ Yes, it's simply nice to see people thinking, as it is nice to see thinking people!

Darlene~ I am a coffee drinker too. Although I also enjoy different teas (chai, white tea, roibos, and tulsi are favorites)...but my occasional enjoyment of a cup of one of them has in no way anything to do with that damn Tea Party!

Rhi~ Share your coffee, share this video! Happy spring to you too and I'm coming by to see your vid right now.



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