Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old Postcard Wednesday--Hotel Shaw, San Francisco, California

The Renoir Hotel was built in 1909, originally as a two storey office building named the Capitol Building. In 1936, five additional storeys were added to be converted to a first class four star property. In the 1920's to 1940's, the hotel catered to the rich and well to do. It was one of the places to be in San Francisco. The hotel was named the Shaw Hotel up until the late 1970's. The name changed to Miramar Hotel and then the U.N.Plaza Hotel in the 1980's. The property was purchased by Regent West Ltd., LP in April 1993 and the new proprietors renovated the lobby to its current ambiance. [Source: The Renoir Hotel website]
My postcard was unused, but I found one like it for sale online and the description mentioned that one had been "mailed in the 1940s." Where the rates at that time started at $3.50 of course that is no longer the case. I keyed in a request for rates for one person, one night, weekday in March. You can read the selection of options and prices here

If you pause the video below at 1:06 point you will notice one of the prized three-window rooms in the triangular-shaped old hotel.

For a bona-fide tour of the hotel by one of its friendly executives (a European) view
this video. The video is ten minutes long, but I found it quite charming.

Finally, I'm sending a shout out to Melinda, who divides her time between San Francisco and Boston and will forever love the The City by the Bay.  She is the author of The Melindaville Blog, that has a fantastic new header created especially for her (complete with Golden Gate Bridge) by a very artistic friend of hers. In a recent post, titled Meeting Edward Hemingway, she introduces her readers to the genius behind her beautiful blog header. It is a heart-warming story and it's also very exciting to learn something about the grandson of Ernest Hemingway!

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Don't Feed The Pixies said...

June 1977 - the height of the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations and we came to San Francisco.

I remember Pringles (years before they came here), Frozen Bananas (covered in chocolate and peanuts) onna stick, a ferrry ride under the Golden Gate and taxi's that drove like The A Team

Thanks for bringing the memories back

Lydia said...

Pixies~ June 1977 - Your family did a most marvelous thing and it sounds like you had the best time! I wonder if the intention was to get away from the throngs of celebrants there? As I recall, the Jubilee lasted for a bit of time so I hope you have memories of that as well. :)

Melinda said...

Oh Lydia! This might be your very best Old Postcard Wednesday ever! I absolutely love old hotels--and The Shaw looked wonderful. I have actually stayed at the Renoir Hotel in San Francisco (it's a lovely little boutique one).

San Francisco is the first place I ever felt as though I really belonged. Almost immediately, I felt a real sense of "home." Thank you so much for the shout, for the wonderful old postcard--and most of all, for being my friend.


Lydia said...

O Melinda~ I can tell you are multitasking, because The Shaw and The Renoir Hotel are one and the same hotel! Note the name change mentioned below the card. :)
Funny, but although my mother was born in Berkeley and that area was a big part of our family vacations when I was a kid, I now also associate you with The City in my mind!

Sei said...

Apr 1981 I'd stay at Hotel Shaw on my
first trip to United States. The reson to choose this hotel is just near by greyhound bus depo 7th Ave(moved now?).
After few nights stay I'd departed for
accross america trip by bus(never try
again I'll choose by air nex time)
Thanks Lydia show me such as great picture

Lydia said...

Sei~ I appreciate your comment with such interesting information about your stay at the Hotel Shaw! What an adventure you had going across the U.S. by bus. I do hope you will be able to return and tour by air.

Now I will click on your link to see where you are in this world! :)

Sei said...

I'm not a space man!
35.36.47N, 140.06.16E my home's location on the earth

Lydia said...

Sei~ Not a space man, but a creative man to give map coordinates in your comment. That is fun!

Lydia said...

Sei~ I cannot access your blog because you "have not yet elected to publicly share" your Profile, according to Blogger. I am sorry!



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