Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day to Mother Nature's sons and daughters

Artwork: Bottom's Up by Spencer Coleman;
The Nature Ramble and The 1st of September by James Hardy Jr.



Maggie May said...

Love that first image...Happy Earth Day!

Lydia said...

Maggie May~ Isn't that sweet?
I hope you and your family had a beautiful Earth Day together. :)

Rhiannon said...

Adorable pics, so sweet. Ah..."innocence"..where did it go?

Thank you for your comment on my Earth day post. I clicked on where you had written "Here" and it didn't work. But thank you for telling me about the Sharp image Ionic Breeze problems..I had no clue! I've been using it for years and it helps me to sleep so much better less breathing and allergy problems..I can smell the good air coming from it..but I always have it on low. I'm going to check out what is said about my Sharp Image Ionic breeze online and google. I used to use these very loud Air drove me nuts so loud and also having to keep buying filters for them.

Well Earth day is officially over now, but to me I try to make every day "Earth Day"...sounds like you do too.



Lydia said...

Rhi~ Yup, keep Earth Day going all year around here.
I'll stop by to try that link again.

Indigo said...

Beautiful tribute. The Beatles song was perfect. (Hugs)Indigo

Lydia said...

Indigo~ Great to hear from you and thank you for always being so positive!

naomi dagen bloom said...

All your images seem so far away, another time--even further away than 1972 and whatever spurred Gaylord Nelson to think we could turn people around in an acquisitive culture of stuff. Nice to recall, though, thanks!

Lydia said...

naomi~ Good point about Nelson, etc.

It is nice to recall. I find myself time-tripping (even to eras I never knew) more frequently as the times seem to get darker.



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