Friday, June 18, 2010

Dex in Oregon .....the Oregon Coast trip

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Dex and I created this animoto together tonight before he went upstairs to pack and get some sleep for tomorrow's flight out of PDX. When the video was finished processing and rendering we were excited to see it, and we sat here together just beaming over the results. 

The last day of his visit was low-key. Michael's inner jaw condition that will require a revisit to the dentist on Monday has worsened and is quite painful. I'm worried. Dex still has that gnawing dry cough in the evening so today he and I went to the store and I loaded him up with more cough meds, and vitamins. And, damn, if my rashes aren't returning at the same time I'm running out of the prescriptions. 

In spite of those annoyances we three had a marvelous day, full of hilarity and warmth! Michael played guitar while Dex was on Facebook and email and I busied myself with the animals (who all love Dex and think he is a permanent part of the family now....). We walked to downtown Silverton and enjoyed a huge Thai dinner to add to the rest of our culinary assortment of meals: Filipino, Mexican, Chinese, Pacific Coast seafood, and Japanese dinners.... and good old American-style breakfasts. 

We'll share one more meal together -- Friday's breakfast at The Oregon Garden Resort before leaving Silverton for the Portland airport. Since Dex has to be there three hours in advance of his flight, and he will spend those hours separated far from the area where we say goodbye, it is quite likely that we will be back home before his plane takes off.  

Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again. ~William Shakespeare 



the half-life of linoleum said...

very sweet. beautiful photos and smiles.

Hattie said...

I loved this. And it makes me want to get back to the Oregon Coast as soon as possible.

Erin Davis said...

Perfect song for the video. So glad you got to have your visit with him! You look beautiful, by the way.

Lydia said...

the half-life of linoleum~ Thank you kindly for viewing and for your comments.

Hattie~ Thrilled that you did. Would be fun to meet you over at the coast one day...Tidal Raves at Depoe Bay for dinner?

Erin~ Thanks:)It means a lot that you are following the story of Dex and me, and I can't wait to share more. Will also be catching up on everyone's blogs by early next week...

Katariina said...

So nice and sweet!Thank you charing this dear Lydia!:)

Hattie said...

Hold that thought, Lydia. Our plans are not made yet for our next trip down there, but I'll let you know when we're in the area.

Rhiannon said...

How lovely is this video! Wonderful. So glad that Dex, you and Michael were able to share this wonderful time together on "our wonderful Oregon coast". It makes me miss the ocean so much just watching it. I haven't been to the coast in many years.

Now rest up my dear and unwind and some yoga probably?

Love and Blessings,


Lydia said...

Katariina~ What fun to have a message from you!

Hattie~ It will come to pass, I do believe!

Rhi~ I want to say how much your enthusiasm about the visit with Dex has meant. He enjoyed the message you included to him after another post.
I wish our homes in Oregon were closer than they are, as I'd happily drive you over to the coast to get your feet on the sand.
Yes, yoga....and boy do I need some regular sleep!

bfk said...

Great collage, Lydia. And thank you for including photos of Pacific sea life and birds. They're not covered in oil. That is so nice and different from what I've been used to seeing.

Jennifer said...

Yes, very sweet -- I'm glad everyone had fun.

And I hope that Michael's dental/jaw problems aren't serious and that your rashes go away (again) quickly.

Di said...

I loved this! are the first words I want to write. It was a delightful post to arrive on, ready to catch up on time lost while wandering then feeling sad and stressed and busy :-)

Lydia said...

bfk~ O, there was definitely this angst that could be felt on the beach as comparisons to the Gulf came to mind.

Jennifer~ We sure did have a great time. Thanks for the wishes for good health; we need them right now.

Di~ Great to have you here, and I too have catching up to do at your blog. I'm glad this post gave you a spot of respite during a busy day. :)

Nancy said...

What a great post - loved the song and the pictures. It is so amazing this young man that you found through blogging should turn out to mean so much to you. Just amazing.

Lydia said...

Nancy~ Thank you so much. I definitely have a sense of wonder about it all.



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