Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Old Postcard Wednesday--Port au Prince, Le Palais Presidentiel

As beautiful as the front of this old postcard obviously is, I think the back is lovelier still with the short note from Madeline, Audrie, and Margot, written in the flourishing penmanship of one of the girls. I don't know French but the translation has something to do with their having received a chart/card from the addressee. That person, with a first name of Henri, was serving in some sort of command capacity at a regulating station/depot/dock. I hope that all four were happy in their Time and that the sun shone on them with favor.

Speaking of sun. We have had hardly any in the past weeks and are expecting some hard rain on Wednesday in this valley. Most of us are darned sick of it. Oh, Waaaaaahh! -- poor us having to deal with such inconveniences as soaking camping trips over the last long weekend, or having to move scheduled outdoor events inside to other venues. The misery of watching all these showers from inside our homes and places of work, one gray day after another trickling by...well, it's almost too much to bear this time of year. Yeah, right......

It is now the rainy season in Haiti. Thousands are still without shelter at the exact time when floods are imminent. I direct your attention to an astonishingly beautiful photo taken by Naked Pastor, who was one member in a volunteer group from various U.S. churches to visit Haiti recently. Dave's posts from the field were sensitive and strong at once, and the images he captured were great photojournalism. What more can I say?.....the suffering there continues and you won't hear another complaint out of me about the rain falling on my two-story roof.



Hattie said...

We escaped the Seattle gloom by going east to Ellensburg, Washington. Even out there it was overcast, but we could be outdoors most of the time.
I'll be glad to get home to Hawaii in a few days.

Lydia said...

Hattie~ The local news last night confirmed 18 straight days of rain in Portland. Say hello to the Hawaiian sun for me.:)



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