Monday, May 31, 2010

We all scream for ice cream

This was a recent scene in front of our house that I felt fortunate to capture on video. I wonder if it will tug at your heart the way it did mine.

Miracle Ice Cream
~by Adrienne Rich

Miracle's truck comes down the little avenue,
Scott Joplin ragtime strewn behind it like pearls,
and, yes, you can feel happy
with one piece of your heart.

Take what's still given: in a room's rich shadow
a woman's breasts swinging lightly as she bends.
Early now the pearl of dusk dissolves.
Late, you sit weighing the evening news,
fast-food miracles, ghostly revolutions,
the rest of your heart.



Amy said...

Good one Lydia! I especially liked the music through the whole thing, and the kitty. And the way you made sure Serena (is that right?) had some change for her treat. Isn't life good?

Lydia said...

Amy~ That's great you enjoyed the post. I appreciate your appreciation! Yes, Serena....we've watched her grow since she was three, and she sure is a sweet girl. And yes, life can be awfully good at times. :)



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