Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday School lesson: heaven and hell

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Caroline Catharina Müller (born 31 July 1964), known as C. C. Catch, is a Dutch-German pop singer–songwriter. - Wikipedia bio

Heaven and Hell `lyrics

Heaven can be cold
Baby, baby, when you lose control
Everybody needs someone to love
Be careful in the nights
He can't hurt you more
Baby, baby, as he did before
Come on, baby, keep your hands off him
In the gypsy nights
It will come and go
Everybody knows
You make your own
Heaven and hell
Daytime lovers love for sale
You make your own
Heaven and hell
Letters full of tears will tell
He takes your heart
I know him well
You've got no time to lose
For heaven and hell
Behind a painted smile
Baby, baby, he's running wild
Everybody needs some love tonight
Be careful in the nights
He don't wanna lose
Baby, baby, it's a simply news
Come on, baby, keep your hands off him
In the gypsy nights
It will come and go
Everybody knows



Indigo said...

Wicked lyrics! Love this song. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this singer before.(Hugs)Indigo

Lydia said...

Indigo~ I wonder how many Americans have heard of her...she was new to me also. Yesterday I was searching for scenes of people playing "catch" (don't ask:) and this video for C.C. Catch came up so I clicked on it, wondering if it was a tournament or something like that. And there she was, singing this good song and looking quite famous in Europe and it struck me how little Americans know about major artists/singers/actors who are famous in other parts of the world!

reberto.alberto said...

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Lydia said...

reberto.alberto~ I'm not currently working on a short story but will post your comment in case others who read here might be interested.

Rhiannon said...

P.S. I read the "what would Jesus drive" post...I was thinking Jesus would probably walk also...or hitch a ride...but then again I thought about that song "what if God (or Jesus whatever) was one of us, just a slob like one of us, making his way home on the bus, or trying to call the pope from Rome, never answering that darn phone"! etc....I always used to say that people wouldn't recognize Jesus if he did come back to earth..the same that think they are so much a part of his teachings would probably think he's some long greasy haired hippie and if they saw him on the street they would freak out and look the other way and turn away from him, or spit on him, or say "get a job "bum" not funny...but you know I can see the "Holier than thows" doing just that if Jesus was around on earth...they wouldn't even know it was him...where is he when we need him? Or her or if you believe or "the higher power of the universe" which is my way of connecting and meditating to a higher power connected to mother earth father sky and the universe..oh now I guess I sound a bit strange to some..anyway I liked that post about what would Jesus drive...hey how about a "smart car"?

HA HA, love Rhi

Lydia said...

Rhi~ A "smart car" - exactly right I's sure!
Let's not forget how the "Holier than thous" would react to Jesus wearing a hood (like you see in paintings, and he probably did given the need for protection from the sun in that part of the world). He'd probably be called a gang banger!



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