Monday, July 19, 2010

my first time aboard the poetry bus

My cat Willow is so secure that she is practically spook-proof but every once in awhile she will begin to exhibit alarm over something, and, if I can catch that moment and say to her, "Scarwy" she calms right down. Acknowledging and validating her trepidation seems to negate her tension. It is with this in mind that I jump aboard The Poetry Bus for the first time. This week's host is Argent, author of Delusions of Adequacy, and her prompts were to write something funny, i.e., "Excursion to the Comedy Store," or to write about unrequited love, i.e., "Tunnel (of unrequited) Love" - or a combination of both if desired. The Poetry Bus is sponsored by Totalfeekineejit, who lists in his sidebar the Poetry Bus Global Tour Dates. That is about all I know right now about The Poetry Bus, except I selected the unrequited love idea and .......this is a verwy scarwy ride for me!

Adam, my song

Adam, my song -
    The verse of our youth
    is a deep hum inside me
an I-remember-I-will-remember-I-will-


You gave your children rhyming names,
a refrain repeated five times, and once
you called me at Christmas
with the chorus of their
carols ringing in the

In the background since some have
said to me if only . . .,  I nodded in
time to the music that danced
between them and the
spouse - appreciating
the beat of their

I may grow old dreaming of you,
Adam, my song - singing a
diminished melody until
I hush my song
and the hum

~by MLM Lydia ©


Argent said...

Lydia, this is terrific! I love the idea of another person as a song you carry with oy. Very original and beautifully written.

Lydia said...

Argent~ You are just great to respond so quickly. As it is past 3:00AM here and I have not been to bed yet I do believe that with your kind comment I will turn off the computer and look forward to reading everyone's poems later in the day after some sleep. Thanks so much.

izzy said...

Really love the Hum-
thanks for all the rhythm

Erratic Thoughts said...

This is something so different n unique...
Ohhh I so love it Lydia...
I liked that structure of the piece...great work...
I am yet to learn a lot :)
Superb first stanza...

Helen said...

This is incredibly lovely .....

Enchanted Oak said...

Welcome to the Bus, Lydia. You've written a fine work for your ticket. The beat of their discontent is very good, and your last stanza is a killer. Om....
Masochistic Rhythms

Domestic Oub said...

Oh, that was great! Loved it. Welcome to the Bus :)

Lydia said...

*****Thank you, everyone, for stopping by. I will read your poems later today and into the evening...looking forward to it!***

izzy~ Thank you for your comment in mini-poem form!

Erratic Thoughts~ Thank you for your comment, specifically about the structure. I originally wrote it much differently and hated it, but restructuring made it ok. :)

Helen~ I so appreciate your lovely comment.

Enchanted Oak~ Thank you for your kind welcome and comments. The last stanza feels right to me, the others not as much. Will definitely be by to read your poem when I return here later on. :)

Domestic Oub~ What an intriguing name! Thank you for your comment and for welcoming me to the bus.

jinksy said...

Hello, fellow passenger! I do like the fact that your poem ended with an OM - really the place where all journeys end...

Darlene said...

I guess everyone has a memory of an unrequited love. I certainly do, and your poem spoke to me. I hope I can reach the Om stage before I die.

Jeanne Iris said...

Lydia, I love the way your poem fades into a peaceful 'Om' like a memory that has been replaced. Lovely!

Lydia said...

jinksy~ Your OM comment will be good news to Darlene whose comment follows yours! Thanks for sharing a seat on the bus. :)

Darlene~ Thank you for letting me know that my poem spoke to you. I refer you to the wisdom of jinksy above your comment.....

Jeanne Iris~ I love the way you described the ending of my poem! Thank you so much.



Peter Goulding said...

A very unusual take on the theme and one that works brilliantly. Very thoughtful and insightful

Lydia said...

Peter Goulding~ I so appreciate your reading my poem and for your interesting comments! Much later than I had hoped I am now on my way to visit the blogs of other bus riders...see you soon. :)

Rhiannon said...

That was quite good Lydia...I especially likee the last stanza...I want to read more poetry from you! Of course you know I've already mentioned that. I liked the "and the hum becomes nothing but "Om"...oh yes..good

Still dedicating my blog to stop the wars and love and peace for all.

"I hope one day you'll join us and the world will become as one"..:>

It's been so darn hot here for too darn long and it's been hard on a lot of people including me...I have to be careful of the hot sun and heat...I want to go to the ocean and do the "oooohmm" is it up there?

Love, peace and an end to wars,



pohanginapete said...

That's wonderful, Lydia — I've read it several times, picking up more nuance each time. In fact, it's even distracting me from an excellent new book that arrived today, and that says a lot :^)

Lydia said...

Rhi~ We've had some lovely days, such a nice respite from the heat a few weeks ago. I feel almost guilty about it when I see the news, and I swear that if Michael and I weren't a one-car family I would drive down to you and take you to the beach.
You may have seen these before but I just found them, so in tribute to your love and peace theme here are two emoticons of John Lennon:)

(8 {


pohanginapete~ How nice of you to come by and leave such kind comments. Thrilled to be a (minor) distraction...and now, happy reading. :)

Looking to the Stars said...

This was beautiful :)

I know the ride was a little scary but you took the plunge and shared something beautiful. You have great talent, Lydia. thank you for sharing :)

the watercats said...

ooohh.. it's all different!... (love the new header)..
and great to see you've jumped onto the poetry bus :-D such a beautiful poem too, isn't there something about un-requited love that is so magical, like it's forever a real love or something.. I suppose it's the ignorance is bliss thing, with unrequited love there can be no proving otherwise!

Helen said...

I returned for a second 'glance.'

Thanks so much for looking at the before of that display table. There is just something about it that speaks to me!

Now ... as for your poem? The second time it's even better!

francessa said...

Scarwy .. looked it up in the dictionary ;-), didn't find it. The meaning is clear, though. It has such a soothing touch.

Like that poem very much. You should hop on that bus more often.

Rhiannon said...

Hey those are great emoticons Lydia..thank you...looks like John with his glasses..

I've got a car but it's over 16 years old and I would not trust to drive it to the I don't want to drive alone too far by relation to things that have happened to me in the past. I know I will get there some day with the "right person" a friend or maybe even my sister once I can afford to get my car checked out.

Thank you so much for the gesture though...hey if your ever "down" here in Medford let me know ahead of time and maybe we could meet for lunch or tea or coffee...miracles do happen..

Glad it's not been to bad weather wise there..I'm up on my "high rise" top 3rd floor apartment and there is no one above me and it is purely and splendidly lovely up here..hotter though but that won't last. I just feel strongly that this is not a "battle" that I had to continue on with for over 10 months in order to make it happen..people here at the apartment complex call me their "hero" but I'm no hero I just knew after waiting for a place to live for over a year through housing and then having to deal with that man upstairs was going to be the death of me...tomorrow there is a "tenant meeting" here and I will be down there in the common room with a large notepad and take notes from the Jackson county people that were supposed to follow the rules instead of trying to intimidate me all this time..they finally had an apartment up here and only gave me one day to move...when the manager here told me (she is a little hitler and mean) she smiled up at me with "so there that's my punishment to you for winning this round and making me look bad"'s a sick country we are starting to live in and it's getting worse..but you know what? I don't give up..but also the stress will kill me probably and not my disability. All my women friends here (all either in a wheel chair or walker) went up and down the hallway and up the elevator all day last friday and put things all my stuff and or small boxes on their laps or walkers and well I tell you we looked like a long "choo choo" train..the manager here was stunned to see all these women there for me and we were a team and we all did it..along with one man (ex BF) and another man that offered to help him lift the heavy things like my bed and dressers, recliners, the way the woman manager also told me that I had to clean my whole apartment and have it "ready" on the same day I moved..I talked her into giving me the weekend and as many witnessed what she did to me..well we are all going to the tenant meeting and hearing "our rights" and we are "women hear us roar" but in a silent but "active" way.

Thanks for your patience in reading's been a long road and I am bone tired...soon I will unpack when I have the strength.

Love ya,


Lydia said...

Looking to the Stars~ You are too kind; thank you! Great to "see" you and I hope all is well. I almost posted a Broadmore Hotel card for Old Postcard Wednesday and thought of you. I'll let you know when I do post it in the future.

the watercats~ I am happy you like the new template and header. Your change of headers was one of my inspirations!
Good point about unrequited love being a sort of state of ignorant bliss. :)

Helen~ Thanks for a second visit so soon; I feel honored and will return the compliment!

francessa~ Oh dear! I'm sorry to send you to the dictionary for an imaginary word. It sounds like how very young children say "scary" and I guess I sometimes talk baby talk to my cats. I'm nuts!
I'm happy you like the poem. :)

Rhi~ Of course I will let you know when I'm heading down your way. It would be lovely to share coffee with you, Rhi...
I am *proud* of you for the way you handled your own little revolution there, and especially for the outcome you generated. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia
welcome aboard and do hope to see you back again. So loved your poem, very poignant, a sense of time passing and muted longing. It really moved me.
thanks for sharing

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

I read it once - loved it! And then read it again - loving it even more!
It has a wry joy to it that I like.

Lydia said...

crazyfieldmouse~ Thank you for your warm welcome aboard the bus. I so appreciated your comments about the poem. I will see who is hosting the bus and what the topic is this coming week....however, I cannot imagine doing this every week the way some of my new, creative bus friends do! (Love your cfm name, btw.)

Kay McKenzie Cooke~ Oh my! That is a huge compliment coming from you, an accomplished poet. Your poetry is so astonishingly great...have you/will you ever joined the Poetry Bus?

Anonymous said...




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