Friday, September 24, 2010

Mag 33 - Perfume from the Isle of Pligh

Perfume from the Isle of Pligh

This, fine shopper, is no Eau de cologne,
with notes of fruit and twigs and
synthetic fragrance oils
faking a scent of sea breeze.
No sneeze

for I've placed on this pillow the jewel of perfumes
with ingredients harvested from a
lush, secret copse found
only on the Isle of Pligh.
A sigh

now as you twist the tiny platinum cap
on the bottle forged from rare arion -
ah, top notes of chocolate oranges
from the fragrant suastro tree.
You see

in your mind's eye the enchanted cave
where grows the mossy dedmingy
that gives pungent character
to the middle notes scent.
A vent

in the earth reveals the musky modsherp
that eats the seeds of the achabla root
and for our precious base notes we
gather those pods, glean that musk.
At dusk

those treasures are silently brought forth
so the modsherp live on to feast again
on the achabla seeds, and the mossy dedmingy -
protecting the vent in the arion cave -
continue to thrive in the shade of the
grove of suastro trees in the copse
on the Isle of Pligh.

You'll buy?

MLydiaM ~ August 2010

This is a Magpie in response to the photo prompt at the left.
Click HERE to see how other writers interpreted the image.

I wrote the above poem and posted it Aug. 2, 2010, in response to a different prompt, that one at The Poetry Bus. The prompt that week was:
We are all familiar with those wiggly almost-words used to verify that a blogger leaving a comment is in fact an actual blogger and not a machine. Yes. Those words are your mission. Collect them this week. Pick your favorite, or several, and include it/them in your poem.
Note: The "captcha" non-word verifications I collected are shown in bold in the poem.



jabblog said...

This is lovely and makes perfect sense. Well done:-)

Reflections said...

What a great poem! I found many references to your trees being new words to me... Maybe the visual created in me by them was similar to what they are, maybe not, and yet, your poem still took me there, smelling the aromas.

Thank you also for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy hearing from my readers.

gautami tripathy said...

I liked the flow, the images and the aroma!


kathew said...

Lydia- so clever to use those nonsensical word verification "words" ...I've been keeping a list of the ones I happen upon thinking of using them at sometime somehow...maybe as a ridiculous dictionary?
And here you are using them in a delightful poem.

Mama Zen said...

This is so clever! Well done!

Berowne said...

Different, creative --special!

Darlene said...

What fun to use captchas in a poem. The perfume vial in the photo is so beautiful that I want one just like it.

Love your poem and the idea behind it.

Incidentally, that captcha for my coment is 'wingisba'. Now wouldn't that be fun to use in a sentence?

Helen said...

I thought that Poetry Bus challenge one of the most unique .... and difficult! You managed it well.

dana said...

How unique to include your word verifications. I still laugh over one I had to type into the box before my comment would be accepted: "uwhore".

I actually think a poem titled with that word might be just what my readers would enjoy. lol

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

I really liked reading from the venders point of view I could imagine being at some outdoor market talking with this guy bu the wording made me think of was Danny Kaye in the Court Jester saying this.....
"The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!"
this was a treat to read!

Carrie Burtt said...

Such a unique and cleverly beautiful poem for the prompt...i love it! :-)

Fireblossom said...

The little two-word enders cracked me up. You're a joy.

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

this was so much fun..of course I'll buy!

I love the idea of using captchas as real words...they crack me up :)


Brian Miller said...

nice....i think you sold it...i think i learned a few new words pulled it off excellent...nice magpie!

La Belette Rouge said...

I have to tell you that I LOVE that you put the photo at the bottom as Aqua di Parma is one of my favorite scents and if I saw it on top I might have let my memory eclipse the GORGEOUS scent you created.

Lydia said...

jabblog~ Thank you. Makes perfect sense to me too, and is a place I wish existed!

Reflections~ Thanks much! I am glad that the visual was good enough to evoke your response.

gautami tripathy~ I appreciate that very much!

kathew~ It made for some free association to nothingness! It was a very good prompt; right now I cannot remember whose it was but the link records it.

Mama Zen~ I appreciate your comments!

Berowne~ OK...coming from you, the word "special" made my day.

Darlene~ I love that bottle so much too. I think that "wingisba" must be the language spoken by natives of that secret pocket of land that, centuries ago, broke off of the mainland of Wingland (where they speak Winglese).

Helen~ Thanks; I appreciate that. :)

dana~ Your comment really made me laugh! That is the funniest word verification I've heard of, and yes you must make a poem of it. But be careful how you tag it because your blog could be flagged as containing adult material. :)!!!

Bloggin'withAmanda~ How nice of you to say it was a treat to read. And that Danny Kaye quote is in your memory bank? I am impressed! It is a goodie.

Carrie Burtt~ I so appreciate your calling it "cleverly beautiful." Thank you.

Fireblossom~ Aren't they fun? My muse was crafty that night.

Rene/Not The Rockefellers~ Great-I will have the merchant put a bottle in his trunk for you.
I admit that I see captchas in a different way since this prompt at the Poetry Bus. :)

Brian Miller~ Thank you! The merchant has a bottle tucked away in his trunk for your wife. He speaks in code...but you already know the special words.

Belette~ Thank you for saying that because I too thought the prompt image (as beautiful as it is) was not as fitting as the antique bottle image I used when I posted the poem the first time.
(Must admit that this prompt introduced me to Aqua di Parma...never heard of it before.)

Tzzumbi said...

the song belogs to HARISMA. I think you can not find it in the USA. But I can leav you this link, or you can simply search HARISMA on youtube. I think that on youtube are not so manny songs singed by them. They are a group of orthodox singers. I'm glad that you like my posts.

Tzzumbi said...

yes, the most beautiful odors are in nature

susan said...

That was a very clever idea, aromatically handled.

Lydia said...

Tzzumbi~ I followed the link and listened to several of HARISMA's recordings - very wonderful. Thank you so much for answering my query, and for your comment about the poem.

susan~ I agree it was a clever prompt and appreciate your clever compliment (especially coming from one who prefers prose over poetry!).

Snowbrush said...

"I finally got the nerve to list my age in my profile."

I somehow missed it. You mentioned your mother when she was forty, so maybe this means you are forty. If so, to a lot us, you are still very young.

I love the photo at the top of the page. I live in Oregon, but have only been to the Alvord Desert once to actually visit (as opposed to simply driving through).

Your comment on KJ's blog inspires me to share the blog of one of my followers with you. She too lives in Oregon.

The Stylish House said...

This carefully handcrafted bottle and your enticing words intrigued me! It reminded me of a carefree time, before my daughter’s illness. No so long ago I lead a charmed life in an enchanted city called Dubai. Everyday was a great, crazy adventure and I loved it. I often saw little bottles like these in the old souk markets. As I walked by the shop keepers would call out “Madam, madam come see, come see, best prices!”

Phivos Nicolaides said...

What a lovely poem to start our week!

Lydia said...

Snowbrush~ Thank you for pointing out that discrepancy in my profile description! When I made some changes I didn't follow through, obviously.
The Alvord is such a special wondrous place. I'm glad you have seen it too.
What fun to have a new blog to check out...thanks much!

The Stylish House~ How exciting that you lived in Dubai! I've seen pictures and it looks very modern but exotic. Had no idea about that part of your life and am glad my poem was a fun reminder.

Phivos~ Thank you, and may it be a great week for you. :)



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