Thursday, September 23, 2010

I got a thing from a blogger who got a thing

Earlier this month I was honored with this blog award by The Watercats in a post that V titled I Got a Thing! 
I could not top her post about receiving the award. Nope. But I can send out my immeasurable thank yous for passing it on to me. It is funny how it worked doing other posts ahead of this one, because tonight when I read The Watercats' post again and looked at the award it meant even more to me than it did at first. I'm glad I saved it because I was in need of an award today.

Now, I guess the deal is that I must make a list of some things about myself that "will never be heard anywhere else" and then to bestow it upon some other blogs of my choosing. What I really like about this particular award is that the instructions seem to live up to the award itself: they are versatile, in that they are non-specific. It seems I can make the list about myself as short or as long as I wish, and the same is true with regard to the number of blogs to whom I pass along the award (get that formal grammar...I'm being versatile).

Things about me that will never be heard anywhere else:
  1. I hope time travel becomes a reality in my lifetime.
  2. Wind excites me.
  3. I saw the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi speak live in a small, crowded room at Squaw Valley, California, in the late 1960s. His laugh was unforgettable.
  4. I am trying to remember my dreams so keep a tablet and pen in my night stand to make notes. 
  5. I saw a ghost when I was 12 years old.
  6. Each of my older brothers had five children and all of them now have kids so I am an aunt and great aunt many times over.
  7. I still love I Like Turtles!

And to the versatile bloggers at the following blogs, it is now your turn. If you have received this same award in the past or choose not to accept it then okay, no pressure. Just know I appreciate you and your blogs!

Shay's Word Garden

Poems and their Music


Earth to Holly



earthtoholly said...

Oh, what fun, Lydia! Firstly, (word?) congratulations on your award, and secondly, thank you for thinking of me when passing it along. I admit it...I like these meme things! Now, how can I live up to the name and be versatile? Hmmm...

Thank you again!

Fireblossom said...

Hey, I got in this time! This morning, your security was tossing the ragamuffins back out on the curb.

You are the sweetest, gal. Thank you for my award! I used my time curbside to post OPW and my award. Come see, when you get a minute.


FB :-)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

one of my favourite theories about time travel is that it only becomes possible to time travel once time travel is invented

So if tomorrow i invented a time machine i could travel forward in time to any point thereafter and people from the future could only travel back to the point where i invented the machine - which explains why we don't get endles time paradoxes involving crushed butterflies, accidentally stopping your parents from meeting or making sure that season two of "Heroes" was actually worth watching.

However - and here comes a fact: the most accurate clock in the world is an atomic clock. It measures the rate at which an atom decays and this is a constant time. Take two atomic clocks and put one on the ground and one in a plane and fly the plane around the world.

When the plane comes back the atomic clock in the plane will be a few microseconds fast.

Pointless information, but nonetheless true and interesting

Manuela said...

Dear Lydia,

thanks so much!! My first blog award ever - and congrats for your award, too! Because of the format of the Poems blog I can't post it there, so I'm not sure what counts as accepting it. But I will share here two blogs I absolutely love and that continuously surprise me, and this little known fact:

One whole year, not so long ago, I read only romance novels. Exclusively.

Truth. :)

The must-visit blogs:

Paula's Philosophy.Photography:

Roxana's floating bridge of dreams:

La Belette Rouge said...

Congrats to you, lovely you! You deserve all manner of acknowledgements.
And I have to say that i am delighted about your dream journal! Hooray for you!!!

Rhiannon said...


Thank you so much for the "heads up" in picking my blog as one of the ones you appreciate and find versatile. I will plan on doing this on my blog over the weekend...even if no one reads will be interesting...because there are a lot of things about me not many know about me in the blog world...I just have to be brave enough to share them!

I'll let you know when I finish the "Things about me that will never be heard anywhere else"...

Have a beautiful and safe weekend.



Lydia said...

earthtoholly~ That's great you will enjoy this! And I have no doubt that you will be versatile in dealing with it. :)

Fireblossom~ Tossing the raggamuffins back to the curb, eh?!! Sorry about that. I knew something was amiss when my feedburner stats dropped to 37 readers. You never know what's going on behind the scenes. I will be over to see what you have done with OPW and this. :)

Pixies~ Well, you sure know how to screw with my head! I read your thesis more than once before I suddenly "saw" what you meant. And it makes perfect sense. Wow.

We have an atomic clock made by Oregon Scientific (huge array here at website). It is a true wonder (although I didn't know it would perform in a competition with one that had gone on a round-the-world flight). I enjoy seeing how it "atomatically" knows when we've changed from Daylight Savings Time to Regular and vice versa.

Manuela~ You are just great to enjoy the award that you well deserve, and to name two other worthy blogs here in your comments. Roxana's blog is one of my top five favorites and I'm glad you gave the award to her. I am not, however, familiar with Paula's blog and will def stop by to visit.
... whole year of nothing but romance novel reading! And I have never read even one romance novel!

Belette~ Aw, thank you. Hey, everybody, the dream journal is a result of Belette's posts and coaching about dreams. Amazing stuff (what dreams are made of and also her blog).

Rhi~ Good! I'm glad you will draw up a list and I'm anxious to read it. I hope more people will visit your blog, although I must say I admire you so much for that not really mattering to you! :)

YogaforCynics said...

Time travel is a reality, now.
It's just that you can only travel in one direction...

Rhiannon said...

Lydia, my sister is here for the weekend and on Monday (tomorrow)as we have to take care of some things.

So, I promise to do the "things about myself that will never be heard anywhere else"...soon...when I get a chance...then I pick a few other fellow blogger that I like to do the same when I'm done?

It's getting hot here again and I am sorry but I just hate it! Enough of this sweating...time for fall leaves and cool breezes.

Later, my friend,


Lydia said...

YogaforCynics~ Onward, oh wise one.

Rhi~ I'm confused. I thought your sister lived in the same town as you. Sorry the weather isn't to your liking, especially if you are busy with errands. Autumn will come to your area, eventually.
Yes, select some other blogs for the award and link to them in your own post. Don't stress about it; have fun. :)



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