Monday, October 18, 2010

the haunting truth in her own words

(Video runs 1:41)
Note: I replaced the clip from Hulu with the original from NBC because a reader in the UK alerted me that the Hulu clip wouldn't run outside the U.S.

I posted an abbreviated clip of this Suze Orman comment at my other blog moments ago and decided to post the full clip here. It was something I caught at the end of the news over the weekend and I could not get it out of my mind. Not remembering which network I happened to be watching, I had to hunt it down online. Turns out it was one of those nifty "In Their Own Words" segments featured on NBC Nightly News.

So, in her own words, here is Suze Orman speaking the haunting truth about the economy in the U.S.
And I continue to hopeprayhopeprayhope that Michael's job is saved in the upcoming cutbacks within the State of Oregon system, and I continue to worryhopeprayworryhopeprayworry for all those who are struggling and living lives of chaos and despair.

Orman ends by noting that we might now ask ourselves, "What are the small things that would make me happy?" which is, of course, why her comments made a perfect post for my other blog, Clutterquake, .....but the question is certainly applicable here also. Being stripped down to sheer fear can be paralyzing as far as creativity is concerned. But paring down to sheer simplicity has the capacity to heighten creativity. These are near-daily concerns of mine now.



Looking to the Stars said...

It is the time for all of us to take joy in the small things of life. Taking one day at a time.

Sending you postive thoughts that your hubby's job will continue well past his own retirement :)

Fireblossom said...

I think of you, your husband, and your precious pets often, and hope that all is well.

I struggle financially, too, and it wears. So many people are suffering.



Rhiannon said...

I so understand what she is saying here Lydia....and...yes indeed...we need to sleep better with less fear and that we can then "wake up" accept this reality and so then we know that we will "have" to make the changes that are needed in this country. People have not been listening enough..instead they go the other way of "the blame game" and point know what I mean? I am sure...we all do.

I've lived such a different life since my divorce 15 years ago..but I must say that the last 3 years have been the most "eye opening" of being in that reality of living in "poverty"...I am surrounded by many here in my apartment complex that are doing the same. I am watching and witnessing them dying because they could not get the medical care or help they needed soon enough.

I know count my blessings that I have not so far been one to give up on our country and it's people and I won't give up on myself..however accepting and embracing "what is really happening" will take us to another road of reality..and then we many will wake up...sometimes it has to start right in our own backyard and going through what poverty is like in order to understand and "get it" ...this country needs to keep moving forward in it's way of thinking and Obama is far from perfect but he is trying to do the right thing..and I don't see the people so angry at him do anything other than complain about their own selfish "wants" and anger and yet not look around them and see what is really going on. We must not go "back" and live the "big mistake" over again..when you vote November..remember your soul and not your anger, frustration or hate or "blame" at your conscience..not your religion, not your prejudice, not your paranoia delusions that entertainers have brainwashed into your head...

Love and Blessings for Peace, Hope and "Change" will hurt some yes, but do "go back" will hurt us 100 times more.


Lydia said...

Looking to the Stars~ Yes, one day at a time is what is vital to remember. I have thought of you often and wondered if more contracts have come in for you. I sure hope so, and I appreciate all your good wishes.

Fireblossom~ We all appreciate your thinking of us. I'm pulling for you too! A good example of how people are struggling is found right in our front yard...our fruitful (literally) pear tree, absolutely laden with pears this year. My husband ate some while they were still hard and said that even then they were sweet. I was looking forward to our little harvest, and sharing them with neighbors as we have done each year (there are always too many to keep just for us and Michael has even taken grocery bags full into his office in years past). But they are all gone. All but one on the very top of the tree. No one could have gotten all of them without using a ladder. We figure it must have happened in the dark of night. We assume that whomever picked all the pears needed the food desperately and we hope they waste not a one because the tree worked very hard all summer long to produce such bounty.

Rhi~ So good to read a comment from you. I have missed you and wonder if this means you are starting your blog up again?
The video hit you as hard as it did me, I can tell. It is all you wrote about in a nutshell. Our ballots came in the mail on Tuesday and we intend to mark them before the weekend. I want to get them back to City Hall so they will be among the early ones counted. Go Kitzhaber! As a physician his leadership in health care is vital -- and from what you said about your own apartment community we don't have any time to waste. Help your neighbors vote and mail their ballots if they are too afflicted to do that themselves.
I'd love to see Obama in Portland tomorrow, and hope the coverage on TV and online gives a feel for what the rally is like.
Take care.

Citizen of Earth said...

As for me...
I have always aspired to live my life this way

For me - retirement is a paradigm shift, and I will always keep working; after all, I am my own small business...

Roxana said...

i understand this so well.. we already know that we'll get only 30 % of our salaries in December, they don't have any money left - such a grim thought, and the insecurity of what will happen next year.
but i try to not think about it and follow the falling of petals in my garden, the last rose is slowly giving in to winter. yet miraculously three blossoms have bloomed, and i smile, and feel confident again...

big hugs...

Lydia said...

Citizen of Earth~ I am not in the least surprised that you were ahead of what some might see as forced simplicity. Keeping it simple seems sweet to me. But the despair felt by many goes beyond simplicity, I fear.

Roxana~ What a beautiful comment! You have reminded me of a poem I wrote to my mother years ago, called December Rose, after one single rose bloomed in her garden on a cold December day. Big hugs to you also.



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