Saturday, October 16, 2010

The eve night at Mac's

I read in the paper yesterday that it was Barry McGuire's 75th birthday. Seventy-Five. He is bald now, as shown in photos at his website. I saw him onstage when I was a child when he was in a group called The Christy Minstrels, but I didn't know who he was until he was out on his own and he released The Eve of Destruction. He has the perfect voice for this song: gritty and somewhat untamed. I thought it was worth listening to again.


It is driving me crazy that a new Magpie prompt is out and I have yet to read the assortment of Magpies written by others last week. I am not going to allow myself to even look at this week's prompt until I catch up on ones written last week by the kind people who read and commented about mine. I am behind on a lot of things right now, so to those of you whose blogs I haven't visited and to those of you to whom I owe emails, thank you for being here and for not giving up on me! I will try to get myself organized asap.


My 25th sobriety anniversary dinner at Mac's Place (see previous post) was great. Michael and I had a fun date night and I was glad I stayed in Silverton instead of going to the beach for my solo trip on this particular day. I enjoyed my excellent thin-crust Greek pizza, plus bites from Michael's assorted fish platter, while looking around the place where I had my last drink. Mac's was decorated for Halloween (Silverton has always gone all-out for Halloween). The room was full of good cheer and so was I, in spite of having The Eve of Destruction stuck in my mind.......



MuseSwings said...

AH! Barry had - may still have -a distinctive voice. But like you, I really didn't know who he was until he struck off on his own. Loved the New Christy Minstrels too. Thanks for the memories!

kj said...

lydia, i have so much to say:

first, i'm sorry i've been so absent here. life has been hectic and even a bit crazy!

second, i love this song, remember every word.

third, i have a 25 or so year anniversary too. how wonderful to live life with the windows clean and clear, huh?

love love

Anonymous said...

Really pleased you had a good evening

Caren Gittleman said...

My husband was a HUGE Barry freak! Actually I think he communicates with him on Twitter but I am not sure.

Congrats on your anniversary of sobriety, that is an amazing accomplishment!

Lydia said...

Muse Swings~ I admit that I did not listen to any of his current songs while briefly at his website. I hope he had a happy birthday. And, yes, The Christy Minstrels really were wonderful!

kj~ As you can tell from this post I too feel scattered and have been unable to attend to the reading/commenting I so want to. I think everyone understands, as it must be something we all experience. In the meantime, I am so honored to be sharing the sober life with you. Now, as for the state of my windows, you would not believe how much they need to be cleaned! :)

madamebutterfly~ Thank you, and thanks for coming along in a virtual sense!

Caren Gittleman~ That is so interesting that your husband may be a twitter friend of Barry McGuire's! Small world, and shrinking more all the time....
Many thanks for your kind words about my sobriety anniv. ^.^

bfk said...

Nice photos, Lydia. Looks like a happy place.

By the way? Barry McGuire is not "bald" per se, he's just shaving his head to cover up what would have been his baldness. (Speaking as one who knows. wink.)

Who'd have ever thought that so many of us Sixties People would end up having to carry our dandruff around in our hands?

Owen said...

Quite a song there, hadn't come across that before... but then that's why we blog, to come across sights and sounds and thoughts unknown...

Congratulations on 25 years !!!

kathew said...

bravissimo on your 25th!

Lydia said...

bfk~ I see. Must you rise much earlier in the morning to shave your head? It seems it would be a bit tricky there in the back.

Owen~ That sure is why we blog! Case in point, that mask in your profile pic!
Thank you for the congrats.

kathew~ Grazie!

Looking to the Stars said...

Loved the pics, glad you had a wonderful anniversary. hard to believe Barry is 75. I've always loved this song, very timeless :)

Fireblossom said...

You returned in triumph, girl. You sure did. And dinner sounds as if it was yummy!

Yes, ahem, no Lydia yet at my last magpie. Hmmf! ;-)

I loved that song. I think I was 12 when it came out. I had a b/w poster on my bedroom wall that showed some hippie girls holding candles, and it had a quote from Abraham Lincoln, saying "It is a sin to be silent when it is your duty to protest." My mother hated that poster! But I loved it. I wanted to be those girls.

Lydia said...

Looking to the Stars~ Thank you for being here. I suppose 75 seems harder to believe when it happens directly to you... but maybe not. I am in no rush to find out!

Fireblossom~ Why, yes I did! And yes it was!

And, no, not yet but maybe late tonight or tomorrow (I am behind on last week's magpies altogether).

Oh, and, thank you for later on emailing me a shot of the b/w poster that you had on your wall when you were a kid. It is marvelous that you found it online, and it is a marvelous poster!



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