Monday, December 5, 2011

Mag 94 -- it's enough to make you want to give up, but don't (version #2)

Oh, I ache and I ail,
Feeling sick as a barker,
Stuck at home with the flu.
Dog days are over?
Well, here is my hunch--
Tell that to my tummy
And break my mirror glass--
Yuck, I sure am no looker.

So, this faux magpie tale,
Resumé by Dorothy Parker,
Will most certainly do.
Reporter and rover,
Her Round Table at lunch
Would sure have been yummy--
Wow, what style and class--
Unlike this scene by Tooker.

       MLydiaM ~ December 2011                                                        George Tooker, Lunch, 1964

Visit Magpie Tales to read other Mag 94s inspired by the photo prompt above. The link in my poem takes you to an older post with the same painting and with a much better poem--by Dorothy Parker.

For the history of the Algonquin Round Table visit the official website.

[NOTE: It is quite likely that I will give myself permission to not publish an Old Postcard Wednesday post this week.]



Fireblossom said...

Feel better, girl! And indeed, that lunch room needs some help, doesn't it? Too much brown, ugh.

mythopolis said...

I am not sure what all this means, but I felt something along the way. I guess this is a a poetic thing, I need to ponder longer. Hugs.

izzy said...

If you feel sick, sorry- the painting
is a little flat, in lighting! and there is a mirror effect as you say!

Brian Miller said...

ack i hope you are not really sick..get well soon...and dont know that this image garnered much warm feeling...

Helen said...

Flu ~~ looking good. Definitely opposing forces. I enjoyed this.

rosaria said...

What a great perspective here! I enjoyed thinking about Dorothy Parker and her luncheons, making this drab scene even more so. What an interesting take!

Doctor FTSE said...

I do hope you aren't really sick with the flu! The diners look like they all are. Nice Magpie.

Lydia said...

***Thank you for your comments, **Everyone**. I rarely do this, write a joint reply, but need to this time. I appreciate your comments and kind wishes. It has been a strong bug that hit me, a miserable six days. I feel better and will be back soon.***

Templeton's fury said...

Just finished a bio on Zelda Fitzgerald and next on my list is Dorothy Parker! Thanks for the link and the poem!

Jinksy said...

Great Magpie - but I hope you aren't really ailing? If you are, get well soon, m'dear! :)

Lydia said...

Templeton's fury~ Wanted to thank you for your first visit. I'm thrilled about the synchronicity!

Jinksy, et al~ I really have been sick, and Wed afternoon was surprised with another bout. I am tons better, though, and on the uphill climb. Don't understand this, because I had a flu shot!

Kathe W. said...

excellent- love Dorothy Parker!

Tess Kincaid said...

Feel better soon...from Dorothy and me...

Lydia said...

Kathe W~ Thanks. She was amazing!

Tess~ Ha, thanks. Maybe that'll finally cinch it.



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