Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Flash 55 -- LaShawna remembers her soccer coach's advice:

Black and White. by Denise Patton
Black and White. by Denise Patton

"You must learn how to blend in sometimes, but maintain your uniqueness always. Don't see the world as only black and white; seek spots of color. Don’t model 
your life after another’s; design your own bold patterns. Earn your stripes by questioning authority. Study the seeds of freedom; create civil offshoots. 
Be uprooted; then bloom."

Links to more of this week's FF55s (works of fiction in 55 words)
are at Mr. KnowItAll, the G-Man.



Catfish Tales said...

Oh, absolutely!!!
Yet, it takes courage to do this. With me, I must confess, it's only been because I've played the hand of the fool most of my life. :) Cheers

Fireblossom said...

How do I get on the team?

Lovin' the stripey leggings!

Brian Miller said...

the coach sounds like a rather wise just have to pick and choose when its best to play that card

izzy said...

Nice.Very sage! Walk quietly and choose your moment with a baseball bat...
( where did THAT come from -?)

Mama Zen said...

That's excellent advice!

Sheila Moore said...

Ha what a magnificent photo and even better advice that goes perfectly with it! Really really liked this. Thanks!

hedgewitch said...

Love that last line, "Be uprooted, then bloom." In old time gardening, seeds of bedding plants(flowers)were first sown in large flats in a group, then lifted as soon as roots formed and moved to individual containers just slightly larger, then moved to the next size, etc, the young plant constantly being gently uprooted and challenged. This made for a stronger, more resilient seedling when it came time to put it in the ground. anyway, I liked this a lot! Sorry to ramble on.

Looking to the Stars said...

Love the pic and words below it. Great post, I really enjoyed it :)

hope said...

Ah, real world camouflage!

G-Man said...

The only advice I ever got was...
"Whiskey on beer-Never fear,
Beer on Whiskey-Mighty risky!"
Loved your sagacious 55
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Monkey Man said...

Great image. Great write. But your link on G-man's page sent me to some Yahoo site. Glad I was persistent.

Rhiannon said...

I love everything this posts says. I totally agree. There are not only shades of grey between the black and white, but beautiful flashes of vivid colors and "uniqueness"!

Thank you for dropping by my blog recently, Lydia. I'm not on it much due to various things going on in my life right now. But I always read any comments that come my "blog way".

Hope your staying warm and hope you will like your new Kate Bush CD. You might also like her cd from the early 90's "The Red shoes" the critiques and some fans didn't think it was her best, but I loved it, never tire of listening to it, along with her "Hounds of Love" album. Each song on "The Red shoes" is completely different, they are all unique. I love "Constellation of the heart", "The song of Solomon", "Moments of Pleasure", along with "Big stripey lie" from the Red shoes. I've never heard anyone as unique as Kate Bush (other than Laura Nyro and Melanie's hundreds of songs she's written and sung)as Kate is just always "Kate" and no one else.

Have Happy Holidays. Think of you often. I'm hanging in there.

Love and Blessings,


Lydia said...

Catfish Tales~ Your comment was refreshingly candid! Loved it.

Fireblossom~ I know! (Soccer was not even available to us when I was in school. I think I would have loved the sport.)

Brian~ Yeah, sounds like a good coach...not patterned on anyone I ever knew!

izzy~ Yes, sounds familiar....the i ching perhaps? Roberts Rules of Orders?! nah

Mama Zen~ Thanks. Came from my inner voice, I think.

Sheila~ I am pleased you liked it! I thought the image was super too, and fun to work with.

hedgewitch~ That fascinates me that you liked the last line. I wondered if people would prefer "Be rooted..." But that is what came to mind and I stuck with it, and now after reading the garden science you provided I am really tickled by it all. :)

Looking to the Stars~ So happy to see you and have your comment.

hope~ Agree! I wanted to feel the differences in the textures of the various fabrics. But that is just me.

G-Man~ The advice you received sounds similar to the advice I remember getting around fraternity parties back in the day.
Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Monkey Man~ I read these comments earlier and thought you meant that the link I provided at the end of my post sent to crazy places. Upon re-reading your so very kind comment (thank you!) I realize the problem is with the link I gave back at G-Man's blog. I'll go redo it.
And, yes, thank you for persisting. Much appreciated!

Rhi~ Thank you for coming by. It sounds like you are in another stage of flux, and I hope that for the most part it is a good stage this time, Rhi. Your comments on the Kate Bush albums will be helpful to me. I will purchase her new one because she has a track titled "Lake Tahoe," and it is where I spent so much time in my childhood and youth that I really want to hear it.
Here's hoping the winter will be mild in our areas. xoxo

Darlene said...

Questioning authority has never been my problem. ;-)

Lydia said...

Darlene~ Nor mine!



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