Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sobriety: 31 years

Ich komme aus meinen Schwingen heim -by Rainier Maria Rilke

I come home from the soaring in which I lost myself.
I was song, and the refrain which is God
is still roaring in my ears.

Now I am still
and plain:
no more words.

To the others I was like a wind:
I made them shake.
I’d gone very far, as far as the angels,
and high, where light thins into nothing.

But deep in the darkness is God.

-from Rilke's Book of HoursLove Poems to God

As I have since this blog's inception, on the day of my sobriety anniversary I publish this treasured Rilke poem, but with a new image each year.


Fireblossom said...

Congratulations!!! :-)

Lydia said...

Ah, Fireblossom. I've been so horrible in staying in touch with you and my other blogging friends. Having a message from you means the world. I'll try to do better, been a very stressful year that has kept me away from blogging. xo

Lester Kish said...

Congrats also Lydia. Hopefully less stress for the coming year....

Helen said...

Lydia, what a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary ~~ here's to many more.

e said...

Congratulations and I hope you have many more. As you don't post here much these days, I wonder how you are and hope you are well. The poem is beautiful.



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