Friday, September 29, 2017


If not for the gray-haired man on the beach

who stopped me to ask if my dog could have a biscuit —

his eyes welling with tears over the loss of his Lab just

two days before (leaving him without a dog for the first

time in 30 years and his pocket still full of treats) —

who pointed to a wave at "one o'clock" to site the

huge seal bobbing there and then noted a whale

was out there further, I'd not have walked on

(after wishing his heavy heart peace) with my eyes fixed

below the horizon, and would not have seen the joyous

spout ~ I called back to him and he nodded ~ and then

another spout to the right, indicating at least two whales

were there, and would not have seen the graceful curves

of two whale bodies shining in the early autumn sun.

Were not the three Monarch butterflies puddling in pools

near the cliffs, flocks of celebratory Sanderlings flying

switch-backs along the waves, and the companionship of

my precious dog already gifts enough to me this day?

I honor them all with Gratitude.


Pitsit sekaisin said...

I just loved this little sad and joyful story. Small things and friendly thoughts, life in many forms surrounding you both. You saw plenty through the eyes of a stranger and you shared unforgettable moments together. This is what life is all about, moments to remember...

I'm glad you are here again and try to do my best to be here, too. Wish you plenty of happy moments and I'm eager to read more of your beautiful words...:)

Rob-bear said...

Gratitude, indeed — for things small and not so small.

I have been thinking about gratitude quite a bit lately, and learning to give thanks more often. Gratitude, I'm told, is the path to happiness.

Lydia said...

@Pitsin sekaisin ~ What a joy to find your dear comment after having been away from blogging for so long. Very gratifying to have a visit from you and I will be at your blog soon.

@Rob-bear ~ How kind of you to visit and comment while you are recovering. I am so glad you are getting stronger and am grateful for you.

Fireblossom said...

Hey girl. We made it to 32, didn't we? ;-)

Lydia said...

@Fireblossom ~ Almost....Oct. 15 for me! Congratulations and I need to email you soon. ♥



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