Monday, March 10, 2008

Time Machine

I read tonight (Sinlung News online) a piece that packs a real punch with news that Russian scientists are close to creating a time machine!

Whether that's true or not, I've always loved books and movies about time travel. The FOX network has a new show called "New Amsterdam" about a guy who's lived in Manhattan for some 400 years. Just can't die until he finds "the one." I watched the first two episodes and I really liked it a lot. But . . . wait a minute! This story is DEFINITELY based on Pete Hamill's brilliant work, forever: a novel, published in 2003. It's one of my favorite books, so much so that I embarrassed myself by sending a gushing mass email to friends and family recommending it after I finished reading it. I even visited Hamill's website and left a message telling him how marvelous it is. So the similar storyline in the new TV show (in the book the protagonist is a journalist, not a detective, etc.) has caught my attention, and the lead actor is quite good also. I just hope that reviewers give credit to the Hamill novel as inspiration. And I absolutely still recommend forever: a novel as a great read.


Adam said...

Hey lydia-
I totally reccommend Napoleon Dynamite. You might get shocked by the lack of backround music or excitement at first, but you get pulled into it toward the middle. The characters are quirky and weird and it's just a fun movie.

As for firefox blocking a counter--
You can try looking in your security settings to see if the web page is blocked or something. If you are at all considering switching away from firefox, I reccomend Opera ( It is my web browser of choice, it has several very useful features, although sometimes it has compatibility issues with "activeX". Try it out and if you decide to stay with it, it should work for a hit counter.


Lydia said...

Well, thanks Adam! I will check out both the movie and the browser you recommended. You are my only reader and I value your opinions!



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