Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brrrr! April 20th in Oregon

Right now I'm watching two tiny bushtits grooming themselves and one another on a branch of the old rhododendrum outside my window. They are enjoying a spot of sun. This is noteworthy because only minutes ago they were finding shelter, probably in one of our 85-year-old Sequoias, from a turbulent snow and hail episode. This morning Mike walked Bonbon and Abby in a pretty hardy snowfall, and the snow stuck to the ground for a bit before melting. It's been like that all weekend in my part of Oregon.

Along the Santiam River, 25 miles from our house, my friends Loyd and Anne enjoy their retirement home in a beautiful natural setting. They are "river people," having lived along the Willamette River during their career years. Loyd emailed this picture taken today of three Stellar Jays on their property along the Santiam.


David said...

Lydia, great photo! I can just make out the blue birds in all that snow. I came across your blog via parisdailyphoto. Keep on writing, it's hard work but very fulfilling. David

Lydia said...

David, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll email my friend Loyd to let him know that their photo generated a comment!
Don't you adore parisdailyphoto? I shared the whole story of Manu and Smitha with my husband this weekend, and he was very impressed.
Thanks for the encouraging words. Lydia

sharryb said...

Yes, it is cold down here in Southern Oregon too. I went to bed with it snowing and woke up with it snowing!



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