Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Being reviewed

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By way of Technorati, I discovered last weekend that this blog had been reviewed on August 14 by Mary Ward of the blog review team at DoYouDiggIt.com. I have no idea how this came about, whether Do You Digg It! reviews are done on a random basis or if prompted specifically by another person or link or...?

Ms. Ward is a thoughtful reviewer who obviously really reads the blogs that she's reviewed. I noticed that within a three-week time frame she also wrote about two of my favorite blogs, (This Time This Space reviewed on 07-26-08, and Writing to Survive reviewed on 08-13-08). Those reviews are as unique to the special qualities of each blog as I think her review was of Writerquake. What's more, she described me as a "passionate and well-rounded being," a phrase that gets to the core of how I'd hope to be remembered. To be called a being, and a passionate and well-rounded one at that, transcends any other statements about me that I can recall. Thanks, Mary.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Worth all the praise and more - i particularly enjoy your regular postcards

Keep up the good work :)

francessa said...

Praise to whom praise is due!

Mary Ward did a fine job and the praise is well deserved, as all of your ardent readers will agree with!

distracted by shiny objects said...

Oh, this is excellent!!! I am beaming for you. Good job. I hope you are proud, proud, proud of yourself. I'm proud of you:>)

Lydia said...

You're so kind. It's interesting to me to know that you enjoy the postcards so much. My grandmother who collected and stashed them away, and my mother who hung onto them, would be so pleased!

You're also so kind! I agree with you that Mary Ward did a fine job. I was so impressed by her writing in all the reviews of hers that I read at DYDI.

You're also so kind! Your being tickled for me amplifies the good feelings I had when I found the review.

Jennifer said...

I am adding my voice to the crowd -- congratulations on a well-deserved, wonderful review!

Honour said...

congratulations! you're right - she does VERY thoughtful reviews. you deserve it!

Lydia said...

And you are so kind! I'm so glad that you are in the little crowd.

And thank you, too! I hope that whomever conducts Mary Ward's performance reviews is aware of her impressive talent in writing blog reviews.



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