Saturday, August 30, 2008

Parody would Palin comparison to the real nightmare

I saw this video tonight on and my shock at John McCain's ineptitude in selecting a possible next President of the United States (remember he's 72 and has had cancer) is my reason for featuring it on my blog. There are quite a few good videos at iReport covering the topic of Sarah Palin, but I think this young woman did a terrific, albeit terrifying, job in presenting her case. She posted under the screen name of feloamerican.


Naomi said...

Brave woman to create this jab at the cowardly (he used the bravery up in Vietnam, people) McCain. Republicans seem determined to lead us into the abyss.

Every able-bodied American should be working in the Obama campaign--voter registration, if possible, or wear two buttons. Be visible with your choice!

sharryb said...

Well done. I've heard commentators refer to how Palin "took on" Big Oil as if she opposed drilling. Puulezzze! According to Defenders of Wildlife she stands to the right of George Bush. It's great to have a fresh face. It's great to see women in postions of leadership. I just do not want to see this woman making policy in the White House.

Citizen of Earth said...

This was brilliant
But is the American voter?
That remains to be seen

Will McCain pick up votes based on the gender of his VP choice, or will people look deeper than that?

Palin is:
Pro Oil
Pro drilling
Pro tree harvesting
Pro gun lobby
Anti environment
Anti choice
And a creationist to boot

Is this what American women, indeed all Americans, want in a candidate?
Or is gender all that matters…

One-dimensional issues, for a shallow one-dimensional society, a media jackpot in easy to script sensationalism, leading the masses like lemmings to the sea.

It is time for Americans to show our DEPTH, if we have any left.

Palin is Governor of ALASKA
A first hand witness to the disappearing artic ice, and endangered wildlife
Yet she is an UNBELIEVER of global warming science.

Her campaign staff insists that climate change is an important issue
I’m not surprised, seeing that big oil is prepared to invest HUNDREDS of billions of dollars in Alaska drilling for oil in the Artic Ocean AFTER the ice melts…

I have to wonder just which side of the climate change issue she is on?

I’m sure when asked she will appear on FoxNews to explain her stance on all the issues
Just make sure you have your NEWSPEAK DICTIONARY 11th edition handy…

distracted by shiny objects said...

Funny. I am so jealous that
1. I did not think of this
2. I could NEVER pull it off.
Not even with the help of Victoria's Secret.
This campaign is just getting better and better.

Lydia said...

I agree with you. My Obama-Biden car magnet is on its way and I will be checking in at the local DNC to find out where I'm needed.

Well said. When all is said and done, though, she just isn't my kind of person. Her anti-environment agenda and her pentacostal beliefs would be dangerous for the country (and my blood pressure).

Citizen of Earth,
Yes, this is the crux of my dismay:
"Palin is Governor of ALASKA
A first hand witness to the disappearing artic ice, and endangered wildlife
Yet she is an UNBELIEVER of global warming science."
No, gender is absolutely not all that matters. It just can't come to this.
Wonderful commentary, btw.

So cute, what you wrote!
The campaign will keep on getting better and better for me when I see a double-digit poll difference that never dips to one-digit! :)

Have a safe and happy long weekend, everyone.

good girl roxie said...

This is absolutely brilliant, Lydia!

And yes, Naomi! It's time for all those incessantly complaining left-leaning bloggers to put down their keyboards for a few hours every week and do some voter registration or some phone-banking, volunteer to answer the phone for an hour or two at their local Obama headquarters, and even travel to a battleground state with a car-full of fellow Dems, Independents, and even Repubs who recognize that McCain, indeed, has put our country at grave risk by choosing this gun-toting, anti-reproductive rights, pro-creationism Alaska wacko nut-job whose only qualification seems to be that she's willing, when it doesn't go against with her fringe ideology, to buck the system.

Lydia said...

You said it! And you can say it again after her speech to the convention which only proved how well-rehearsed she was by the Bush team this week, and how little of what truly makes her tick she showed to the country-at-large in her first big show. I trust Joe Biden to be ready for her in the Oct. 2 debate.
I'll be volunteering time to the campaign. Thanks for the info and the peptalk, as usual.

YogaforCynics said...

"I know Iraq because I have a rack"--that doesn't work as well when written out, but definitely sums up the incredibly cynical and desperate logic and condescending attitude behind this pick. Then, I'd find the fact that most of the women I know are disgusted and insulted a bit more reassuring were it not for the fact that they're mostly a) people with advanced degrees in English, b) active co-op members, and c) yoga practitioners. It just depresses me that Obama hasn't won over all but the 20% of Americans who think George Bush was placed in office by Jesus (along with the white supremacists and oil company executives--still, he should have at least a solid two thirds of the electorate).

Lydia said...

Yoga for Cynics,
Do you really, really think that Obama will have a solid two-thirds of the electorate? You'd have been better for my state of mind after the last two nights' convention speeches than the time I spent listening to my husband say that it's all over for Obama. I so hope you are right. And I envy you the kind of women you get to hang around with-sounds like a great group of real people.



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