Monday, September 8, 2008

Beach time, day one: hazy, lazy and delicious

I've returned from two days and nights at the Oregon coast and feel refreshed. What a sweet thing for Mike to hold down the fort while I stepped away from the same-o, same-o routine here at the house. He enjoyed finishing up his week's vacation right here at home puttering and relaxing.

Here, then, is what my short trip entailed (in two installments: Monday and Tuesday). I arrived on Friday night in time to have a late dinner then checked into the motel in Lincoln City. The room was nice, but the people next door partied until 3:00 a.m. so I slept in on Saturday morning. When I woke up I was surprised to see how foggy it was, and it stayed that way all day in spite of a strong wind. Outside my window one seagull stood against authority.

After breakfast I parked the car at the 26th Street Access and took the steps down to the beach for a long walk. I love the beach when it's hazy-foggy but bright, and not cold. The weather on Saturday fit my mood perfectly.

I liked this sand teepee, complete with feathers, pebbles, shell, and petroglyph marking.

By the time I was headed back from my walk down the beach, waves had stolen the teepee's shell adornment. Sand sculptures are lovely, and fleeting -- reminding me to enjoy the moment now.

I walked down to the driving beach. There aren't many of them along the Oregon coast, thankfully. This one, however, served a special purpose for us in 2000, when Mike and I were able to get my mother down on the sand for a final time. Her wheelchair was really difficult to push in the sand, but we got her down to the shoreline.

The strong wind and waves masked all other sounds, except one buzzing-whirring sound that led to a fun discovery.

Back at my starting point I thought the remnants of the original 26th Street access steps were picturesque, but I wonder why they haven't been removed.

After some minimal shopping at the factory outlet shopping mall for basics (The Gap and Hanes got my business) I spotted a restaurant that I decided I'd try later on. I returned to the motel room to read and relax before dinnertime. I brought along the four books that I have on my next-to-read list, not knowing which one would appeal once I was at the beach. I curled up in a chair and started reading Free Play - Improvisation in Life and Art, by Stephen Nachmanovitch and it totally won my attention the rest of the trip.

I brought it with me to dinner and read while I waited for my meal, then tucked it away to enjoy this beautiful and superb repast. Yellow curry with tofu, ordered medium-plus spicy (4 of 5 on the hot scale, said the waiter). White sticky rice shaped like a star, topped with roasted seeds. Thai cucumber salad (rice vinegar was the secret). Green tea infused with herbs and flower petals (individual black iron teapot is between tea cup and timer-that indicated when my tea was steeped to perfection).

I recommend Andaman Thai Cuisine in Lincoln City, Oregon, to anyone living in the area or planning on visiting. There was a highly favorable restaurant review from The Oregonian near the front waiting area that called it one of the best Thai restaurants in the Pacific Northwest ("For better Thai food, go to Bankok"). The owner is originally from Thailand and has a Masters degree in food science. She's a master alright!

Next installment, day two at the beach: What a difference a day makes in the weather, or, my sunburned arms really hurt!

(I'm anxious to catch up on reading your blogs and will hopefully have use of the computer sometime Monday afternoon once the window installers complete the windows here in the office.)


rachael said...

Hi Lydia,
I really love all of the pictures you've posted, especially the two shots in the middle of the beach and the skyline. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a lovely break!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Nearly desolate beaches are so dreamy....

One of the four books in your pile is one that is currently on my amazon wishlist! The Zen of Creativity.

That Thai food looks delicious! My mouth is watering.....

Lydia said...

I'm glad you liked those shots! Thanks for letting me know! (It looks like you may be ok with Ike, but I'm still watching the Weather Channel for updates.)

It certainly was a nice little getaway! :)

Wayfaring Wandering,
Isn't that somewhat amazing that with all the books out there we'd both be interested in this one. I hope your wish comes true and that it's soon off your list and in your lap. :)

Adria said...

Those are some of amazing moments in the form of photos from your vacation trip.



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