Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nature is Not a Liberal Plot

Being squeamish about copyright infringement I am posting only the introduction to the article from the New York Times, but urge you to click on the link below for the full piece and become enlightened by the words of John McCain (no, not the current John McCain who I'm now referring to as John McPalin...but the former John McCain who was once called a maverick in his party)...

From the Archive
Op-Classic, 1996: A Greener Republican Party

Every week, the Opinion section presents an essay from The Times's archive by a columnist or contributor that we hope sheds light on current news or provides a window on the past.

Twelve years ago, Senator John McCain warned Republicans against allowing fringe elements to dictate the party's goals for the environment.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I have to admit to a great deal of ignorance on the McCain/Obama front - the general feeling in the UK is that the American public will go into the booths thinking Obama, but come out having voted McCain

I kinda hope we're wrong...

Lydia said...

I truly hope you're wrong!That's an interesting take you have on our election.... :)



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