Friday, December 26, 2008

Easing life's miseries with cats and music

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.
-Albert Schweitzer

I agree with Albert Schweitzer. One-hundred percent.

You've met our other cats and our dogs in previous posts but I haven't yet introduced you to the new love of my life, Willow. She was born across the street around October 1 and we adopted her after she was weaned. Her mother is a tortoiseshell like our Pyewacket and is either Pye's sister or her mother, we've never known which. Such is Willow's lineage as we know it.

Willow is a prize, with her tiny Chinese-man-style beard and her loving disposition. She jumps high in the air and likes to pull towels from the rack. I'm sure she'll exhibit other talents as she grows. Whether or not they will include playing our piano remains to be seen . . .



fluxlife said...

i too love cats, and i also agree with Andrew Schweitzer. the cat on the piano is killing me, i love it!
best wishes to our furry friends, yours, mine, and everyone's!

happy holidays from the fluxlife blog!

-steve @ fluxlife

Ronni Bennett said...

I'd forgotten about Nora. How nice to be caught up.

And I love Willow's beard.

Lydia said...

Nice to know a fellow cat lover out there. Thanks for your fun comment.

Nora really is a phenom!

The picture I posted of Willow I selected because it shows off her beard, but her face is actually even cuter than in this shot.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Wonderful video. I showed my daughter who's having piano lessons for over 4 years now, and she was delighted with Nora and her ability. It is funny that the animal seems to feel the pleasure of listening to the melody and playing the right notes.

Di Mackey said...

That looks like an adoring gaze on Willow's cute little face :)

Lydia said...

That is wonderful that your daughter in involved with piano lessons. I'm happy that she enjoyed the video of Nora (who really does seem to be connected with her music). As you might have noticed, this is the latest video of Nora. There are two earlier ones out there at YouTube.

I think you're right. :) Willow and I have bonded beyond belief. I'm truly close with each of our animals. Still, there's something extra with Willow already.

Angela said...

Oh I'm a cat lover, too. I'm convinced my cats have been my guardian angels through life. I had a tortoiseshell as well - lost her last year - still miss the little bugger.

Lydia said...

Your profile photo is a testament to your cat-loving nature, and I do understand what you mean when you describe them as guardian angels.
Tortoiseshells seem to have dispositions in common, or so I've observed in our small neighborhood gene pool. They're unswerving in their loyalty and bravery.

Kim said...

She's adorable! Look at that fur!

Lydia said...

Willow seems to be the quintessential kitten. And the fur sleeps on my pillow!

Elizabeth said...

She is adorable! I love the towel trick. It sounds like she'll be able to make herself a bed whenever she wants. :)



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