Thursday, January 15, 2009

the band's visit in flanders fields

Last week I rented a DVD that I had not heard of, based solely on the description on the box. We watched it last Sunday afternoon, a real cozy afternoon with the fire going and pets dotted around the room on laps, floor, and pillows. Mike never quite knows what to expect from the films I bring home as our tastes differ initially, in the selection process. I've disappointed him only a few times. Last weekend was
not one of those occasions......

The Band's Visit is a rare phenomenon, a bare truth in the desert, where, as the lead female character informs the band, there "is no culture at all." There may be no culture at all in the Israeli town where the Egyptian police band has become lost but there is quiet understanding and poignancy and passion and peace.

The movie's trailer:

Damn wars.
There is a photo and commentary about war by Di Mackey at People become stories and stories become understanding: The Iron Harvest, Flanders Fields that is movingly beautiful and beautifully dreadful.

In Flanders fields the poppies grow

Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place, and in the sky,
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

~John McCrae



Di Mackey said...

Hey, thank you. An even bigger thank you for reminding me of this movie. I had read about it a while ago, couldn't find it and had forgotten it. I must go looking again, as it sounded delightful.

Melinda said...


I really enjoyed that film's trailor--and I am definitely going to order this film from NetFlix. Since I am half Egyptian, it probably drew me in even more than it might of if I were not.

It also reminded me of another film I saw very recently about unexpected relationships--and this film knocked me out. It is called "The Visitor" (out very recently) that I highly recommend to you. Have you seen it? Brilliantly done, really.

Thanks again,


Erin said...

I've seen the trailer, and it looked great. I love band movies.

Jennifer said...

I've just come from Di Mackey's blog, my heart rapidly sinking.

The movie looks lovely.

Rhiannon said...


This sounds like one of my kind of movies! Thanks for sharing. I'm writing it down on my list for my next trip to blockbusters.

I saw the movie Melinda mentioned "The Visitor" and she's right, it was very good.

Speaking of Celtic music Lydia (you mentioned in my blog) you got me thinking about one of my favorite musical artist (I seem to have a lot of "favorites"..;o)) Loreena MckKennit. Her music is not exactly the dancing type but it's very peaceful and spiritual to I found one of my fav songs by her on youtube and posted it on my blog.



Lydia said...

(Everyone: I don't want to give an incorrect impression of Di Mackey's's full of glorious photos from her many and varied international photo shoots, and is not specifically war-related by any means. She does, however, deeply feel the current conditions in Gaza and has used her blog as a forum for her concern. She's a pro no matter what her topic.)

I hope the movie is available there. Can't imagine it not being, with all the awards it's won. You'll also appreciate the cinematography I think.

I enjoyed your recent post about your Egyptian heritage. I think it's wonderful and wonder if you've visited Egypt?
"The Visitor" is on my list on the fridge. Thanks for the tip; it's another I hadn't heard of. (See that Rhi below also recommends it.)

It's great to have a comment from you! This is a different kind of band movie, most definitely. I love the focus on one particular band member's relationship to his music...

The movie is absolutely lovely.
I'm so glad that you were able to spend a bit of time at Di's post.

Thanks to you, too, for the tip on The Visitor. I'll definitely be looking for it.

Loreena McKennitt....we sure share a wavelength on this one! I'll come over to see the video at your blog. You wrote:
"Her music is not exactly the dancing type but it's very peaceful and spiritual to me..."

That's mystical to me because I had this song played at the very end of my mother's memorial service. It's from McKennitt's CD The Book of Secrets: Dante's Prayer. Now that I mention this, I believe I'll create a post with it. Thanks, Rhi, for a special connection...

Elizabeth said...

I put my name down for this movie a while ago (library) and am waiting for it to get to me. Glad to hear a good review. I am a sucker for anything that's obscure or sub-titled, whether I've heard a good review or not. :)



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