Monday, January 12, 2009

some people have cats and go on to lead normal lives *

To begin the week with a smile here's a 50-second clip I took over the weekend of Willow, now three months old.

The purpose of this video was to capture views of her tiny beard. Mike continues to tease me terribly about how he's going to surprise me by clipping it off. In the video you may notice a small pair of scissors on the bathroom counter. What you can't see is a wisp of Abby's white sheepdog fur caught in between the blades. It was the joke that Mike had waiting for me Saturday morning.

If you've ever wondered how a bug feels as a cat's mouth closes over it the end of this clip gives a fair idea. Probably not the best thing for the lens.....

*Author Unknown


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

It's true - your life will never be the same once a cat adopts you!

Saturday night my two both had synchronous "Mad Moments" at 5am and went haring up and down the stairs (no idea what that was all in aid of) - then last night both took it in turns to try and suffocate me (not intentional, they just like sitting on my head for the warmth!

distracted by shiny objects said...

..and then again, some don't!

francessa said...

A cat with a goatee! How cute is that!

pumpkin said...

Okay, name one person with a cat who leads a normal life - just one. Oh I suppose if the cat lives in the barn maybe.

Your kitty is bodacious!

Buddha said...

Hi Lydia!
Happy New Year!
I am back from my vacation and I am trying to catch up with my emails and renew the ties with my friends.
Willow looks Shakespearian with his little goatee.
I am an animal lover and I know Willow will give you lots of love and joy in the future.
It is so nice to visit your blog again.
Be loved!

Steve Morozumi said...

your cat is soooo adorable! ...and she's got skills to pay the bills as your bug catcher. right on willow! and right on Lydia for allowing yourself to be adopted by such a cute and wonderful cat! :D

-Steve @ fluxlife

Lydia said...

Ah, those wee morning hours crazies! Shiva, who is a bit over one year and is our fat child (now on diet) hopefull will have the energy to play like that with Willow after she drops some pounds.

so funny!

You're right; it is a goatee and not a full beard. Pretty darned adorable I must admit.

Point well taken. :)
She's so bodacious that I think she would even like the word...

Welcome Back and Happy New Year! I've truly missed your posts and your visits here, too!
The goatee does give a bit of the Shakespearean look to Willow, who is a female - but don't call her a freak because she has that tiny beard! A Zen question: WHY does she have a tiny beard?.....

I'm glad that Willow delights you too. Thanks for the good wishes about my adoption; I know we'll have years of happiness!

johno said...

so cute!!

Lydia said...

She sure is and thanks for stopping by. :)

Jennifer said...

Cute! I've forgotten what life is like with a kitten. Both of our cats are around 14/15 years old and have gotten bony and a bit forgetful, though Zoe still bats at dental floss, playful as ever.

Wayfaring Wanderer said... adorable!! It's a goatee!!

Lydia said...

I had forgotten what life was like with a kitten until last year when Shiva came into our lives. Willow is such a joy. I probably won't have another kitten for ..... maybe ever, so I'm enjoying her kittenhood to the max.
Zoe sounds adorable.

Yea, and I wish you could get a REALLY good shot of her while she's a kitten. I'm going to do my best to preserve her kitten perfection and will probably post about her as she grows. I'm in love with her!

Kat Mortensen said...

By my reckoning, this little darling is two now, correct? Does she still have the beard?

What a sweet face!

I adore cats and this one really made me smile. (Now I have to go and kiss my three or they'll get jealous.)


Lydia said...

Kat~ Your reckoning is perfect. Willow is impressed...well at least I am. Yes, she has kept her tiny beard and it is so so so adorable! (The vet tech said: "Awesome!")

We are in the same club. I adore cats too. The ones here send highest regards to the ones there. ^.^

Millie said...

Glad you stopped by to visit. We have a couple of cats that share the barnyard with us as well.



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