Sunday, March 29, 2009

when kindred souls meet


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When Our Two Souls ... (Sonnet 22)
-by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
When our two souls stand up erect and strong,
Face to face, silent, drawing nigh and nigher,
Until the lengthening wings break into fire
At either curvèd point,—what bitter wrong
Can the earth do to us, that we should not long
Be here contented? Think. In mounting higher,
The angels would press on us and aspire
To drop some golden orb of perfect song
Into our deep, dear silence. Let us stay
Rather on earth, Belovèd,—where the unfit
Contrarious moods of men recoil away
And isolate pure spirits, and permit
A place to stand and love in for a day,
With darkness and the death-hour rounding it.

Would you throw a poison gas bomb into a den of wolf pups?
Eye on Palin is a national campaign dedicated to exposing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's anti-conservation agenda.




Wayfaring Wanderer said...

"The angels would press on us and aspire" I really like that line.

I will have to check out the website you linked to when I get a chance. Thank goodness she didn't get a chance as VP!!!!!!!

p.s. About the win. I did have a really strong feeling that I would win my category. My next goal, is to win, Best in Show! haha I'm already plotting for next year :) That's our little secret. Well, and anyone else who reads my comment!

RB said...

Wow! I just wrote an article about aerial wolf hunting...[] So upsetting.

I love the poem. I read a NY Times review of new book about Browning and Poet Robert Lowell. Such a beautiful review. I was obsessed. You MUST check it out.

Erin Davis said...

Ah, I love Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I like how you tied the art, poem, and Eye on Palin website together. Important!

Femin Susan said...

Congratulations....Your poem is very interesting... I really enjoyed reading this post. Keep writing..

Femin Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words. will be back to read more.Feel free to visit.

Buddha said...

I love animals so much that even the thought of harming them hurts me!
When we destroy nature we destroy our souls.

Lydia said...

@Wayfaring Wanderer- Yup, we're lucky she's not the VP. I don't want to see her as a part of a White House administration, not ever.
Best in Show is totally attainable with your talents, and by next year!

@RB- I love the poem too and know I'll enjoy the review you linked. I have a note by the computer to read both your links tomorrow a.m. :)

@Erin- I love Elizabeth Barrett Browning too. She and her life are astonishing to me.
Glad you liked the post.

@Femin Susan- Want to make it clear, in case your eyes skimmed over the author, that the poem was written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I certainly enjoyed my first quick visit to one of your blogs (you have lots of them to check out!).

@Buddha- I feel the same as you, and loved the way you expressed these strong emotions.



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