Saturday, April 18, 2009

and the award goes to.....

Kim at Perfectly Cursed Life recently honored me with the Kreativ award. It's quite something, and so are the accompanying instructions!

1. Post the award on your blog, and link to the person who gave you the award.
2. List seven things you love.
3. List seven blogs you love.
4. E-mail or comment on those blogs to let the people know you’ve given them the award.

It's early in the morning and I'm really tired so here come the first seven things I love that pop into my brain:

1. Sleep
2. Willow on my pillow, purring
3. the gorgeous Asian-inspired wind chimes my sister gave to me some years ago that hang near the bedroom window
4. the vintage high-boy dresser that belonged to my grandmother, then to my mother, and now to me that stores my pajamas
5. the sound of the morning paper being delivered
6. the quiet of the night, most nights
7. a handy sound machine that I have set on ocean waves to soothe when nights aren't quiet

And here are seven blogs I love and to whom I pass on the Kreativ Blogger Award, because I so appreciate their creativity, ingenuity, humor, and beauty:

1. a little red hen

2. Freckled Writer

3. Francessa's Thinking

4. Inner Journey of a Dreamweaver

5. Inside Candy

6. The Watercats & All the Things

7. fluxlife



Beth Niquette said...

Hello! Thank you for your kind comments about my family and our blog doings. You are a pretty talented lady yourself! Pleased to have made your acquaintance. Happy writing!

Lover of Life said...

I love Sally Field. Especially because she has some wrinkles that she sports proudly. You mentioned living near Canon Beach (I am also hearing waves at the moment), and I believe it would be the best to live on the ocean!

the watercats said...

Oh.. WOW!.. thanks a million for adding us in the award thingy, I'm truelly touched and honoured! Thank you soo much, tomorrow I will make sure I post the award and do all the things mentioned, what a cool idea. Cheers again, all the best things for your Saturday!

Erin Davis said...

Thanks so much, Lydia! You like me, you really like me!

Buddha said...

I don't know anyone that deserves the creativity award more than you.
Congratulations and many more awards to you!

Lydia said...

@Beth- Thanks.........will be "seeing" you at your blog soon. :)

@Lover of Life- Yes, don't you think Sally Field is actually better looking today (love her tv show) than in this clip from, I believe, 1985?!
Your post with weekend photos at the Oregon coast made me a bit envious, because we were stuck at home with yardwork. I'm inland and a bit closer to Lincoln City than Cannon Beach.
Living at Lake Tahoe like you, however, is a darned close second! Having grown up in Reno that was the recreation site for our us. Happy memories...

@the watercats- I am so happy that you were pleased with the much-deserved award. The post about it at your blog is great!

@Erin- You got that right! You got really got that right!

@Buddha- aw, you are so nice to me all the time! I think you are one of my muses. On top of that you sometime amuse me..... :)

francessa said...

Lydia, thank you for the award! I feel honoured and thrilled!

I'll follow all the instructions within the next three days!

naomi dagen bloom said...

How could anyone decline such a lovely honor? Sadly, it is I. Early on in my short life blogging, I realized,though a big fan of positive feedback, list-making is not my thing.

Lydia, as an admirer of your work, wish my response were different. So thank you very very much--maybe in my next life. yours, naomi

Lydia said...

@Francessa- Well, you absolutely deserve it! The internet is a more creative space because of you.

@Naomi- I totally honor your response and the feelings driving it! I do understand, completely. Thanks for your honesty and friendship-right here in this life!

candy said...

Thanks Lydia! Haven't read all the comments... but just wanted to thank you for this... I'm really touched!

Lydia said...

@candy- Imagine your award filling your monitor, as that's the kind you deserve. :)



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