Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back?

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We're having a heat wave.

Weather Underground has an "Excessive heat warning in effect until 10:00 p.m. PDT Wednesday" for this part of Oregon, with highs for both Tuesday and Wednesday "around 105." Then the highs are supposed to taper off into the 90s, but won't drop out of that range until Sunday.

We had power outages all over today due to the heavy usage, with portions of Portland still out. In my town cable was down and out for the count all afternoon, but we still had power so the A/C stayed on. I hope we don't lose power in the next two days - - keeping the pets safe is a huge concern.

I can't create. All I can think of to do now is to try to get some sleep.

* Quote by Steven Wright



bookmanie said...

Hello, heat waves are terrible for the body, because it is difficult to recover at night. That is, where is the problem, because of the solar phenomenon. The air temperature is increasing, few hours after the sun was at the Zenith. This is the replay of the heat stored in the materials exposed to the sun, which adds heat to air. A council drink plenty of water, and you wet the tip of the ears. You'll feel cool for a while. Bookman.

the watercats said...

aww.. man!... The extremes!!.. we are in officially the wettest July since records began, and it's about 13 degrees outside... we're about to light the range so we can get the washing dry..... Hope you're animals and yourselves stay safe, will will power some of these clouds over to you!...

Darlene said...

What is the humidity? I can imagine that the heat there is most unbearable. While we had a heat wave last week with similar temperatures, the humidity was probably around 15 - 20%. It's easier to cool off with misters and air conditioning here.

The photo of Body Heat radiates the title.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am using a certain finger to tell the heat wave what I think about it. ;-)I am so sick of the heat!!!!!

YogaforCynics said...

Doesn't sound like fun...I'd say find some water and get most of yourself under it...

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, I was wondering if this heat wave was hitting your area. Get some sleep, kiddo and try not to exert yourself.I liked your title! I'd just wave and tell it to go away :)

Eric S. said...

You have my sympathies. We've been dealing with 102 - 106 for the past 3 weeks. And I am not a fan of the heat. I would prefer to be cold than hot any day. You can always put more clothes on, but there is only so much you can get away with, taking off.

Lydia said...

@bookmanie- You gave me such interesting information as the day began, and I absolutely took your advice about drinking more water. I also tried the tip you gave about dabbing water on my ear tips......and that is a great tip! Every time I went outside to refill the older birdbath (it leaks) I reminded myself to do that. :)

@the watercats- Wow, having to turn on the heat to dry the clothes...now that says a lot about your weather right now. You mentioned our animals and I certainly am wondering how yours are doing with all the rain. These extremes are hard on all of us.

@Darlene- Wednesday is going to be a bit more extreme than Tuesday. I just checked about the humidity expected. Apparently it will be at its highest at 5AM = 75%, and lowest at 5PM = 22%. I have the sprinklers on our back yard right now to wet down the extremely dry debris on the ground shed by our three giant Sequoias. So that's adding to the humidity right here, but the trees will provide much shade come the day. It's a fair swap!

@La Belette Rouge- Funny you would mention that particular salute as I entertained the thought of mentioning that in my post. Obviously, it needed to be a part of this one!

@YogaforCynics- Loved the way you worded that. It even works fairly well as a visualization tool. :)

@Looking to the Stars- You didn't indicate if you are having lots of heat in Colorado. I think you're higher in elevation, so that helps. On tonight's local news it was interesting to see that Central Oregon is so much cooler Tues. night than the valley. Yuk.

@Eric- So good to have you to commiserate with in the heat. Three weeks! That's ghastly. I absolutely agree with you about adjusting to cold weather easier. I am debating with myself which is worse (hot or cold extremes) in the event of a power failure that lasts, say, 24 hours. I'm not sure about that one.

Erin Davis said...

We've had a heat wave here in Spokane, too. Today, the highs are supposed to be more humane--in the '80s. My whole body just seems to shut down in the heat. Redheads were not made for this! That is a perfect picture for you post, by the way.

cathwrynn said...

its winter where I am.

I would LOVE a heat wave!!

(and would. Wave, i mean)

Lydia said...

@Erin- My body shuts down too. It's been a hard week when everything reminds us of our vulnerabilities. No, redheads weren't made for this, but I read a tagline that I should have clicked on...something about redheads being able to avoid heart disease, or some such thing. You should Google it.
I love the picture too. It's bolder colors than usually grabs me but this one was a big exception.



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