Sunday, September 20, 2009

back to basics recipes from old cookbooks: French Hamburgers I and II

We saw Julie and Julia Friday night at The Palace Theatre in downtown Silverton. It's a marvelous movie, and how Meryl Streep could not win the Oscar for best actress for her role as Julia Child is beyond me! I was inspired to try something I'd not cooked and Saturday made the Dill-Cabbage Soup recipe I posted earlier, using fresh organic dill and organic cabbage (we loved it). And I thought it's about time for another back to basics recipe here at Writerquake.

The cookbook I went for was an old favorite from the 1970s, a wedding gift in my first marriage. I haven't used this cookbook for decades because it's predominantly meat-based and I quit eating mammals in 1976. As I look through it now I realize there are some recipes I can alter somewhat and they would probably be great.

The Food Stamp Gourmet was published in 1971 and I have read more than a few comments online requesting that it be reissued. It was illustrated by Gil Shelton, creator of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and several other classic underground comics. Just checked and there are two used copies available at Amazon, with three reviews there all giving this cookbook and its recipes 5 star ratings.

In honor of the whole resurgence of interest in Julia Child and her French cooking recipes I selected the following two "French" recipes for those of you who like beef. Again, I would consider trying these using ground turkey as an alternative.....

(Click recipes to enlarge)

To end, this video created in November 2007 by United Methodist TV provides food for thought.

The "Food Stamp Challenge" asks elected officials to live on the $21 weekly stipend and keep that experience in mind as they consider legislation. 



Phivos Nicolaides said...

Back to basics is not so bad thing!

Darlene said...

Shocking that the amount for food stamps has not been adjusted for inflation for a decade. How do parents with children survive on this pittance?

Rhiannon said...


So glad you posted this. I'm on food stamps and it's not always easy. It's also a bit humiliating. I started eating completely organic back in 1988..but now that just is not possible for me and I realize at this point that really there isn't anything on this earth that is grown completely organic..I mean the soil is contaminated. You know what I mean?

I did want to correct one thing. Obama has increased the food stamp amount about one month after he got into office. It's not a great increase but every little bit helps..and Obama has a background working in social services with people in poverty, so I am very glad he is more "aware" of the situation than most Presidents would be!

The recipes sound great here. I rarely eat red meat or chicken...but has anyone ever tried "Turkey Spaghetti"? You use organic ground turkey meat instead of beef. I made it for my friends when I lived with them last year and they never even knew the difference. I didn't tell them what they were eating until after they ate they love it and always want me to come over and make it for them. They don't cook much...;o)

I'm working on trying to get this organization here that I go to, to help people out with needs like toilet paper, diapers, toothpaste, help or funds are ever given to people in poverty to help them with these type of things. Not even donations are made for them with these things. I keep questioning "why not"? I've done some reading where a few women in some states are organizing for people to donate t.p. and diapers and napkins and such paper items to be given out to people who really need them. I've gone the route 2 years ago where I didn't have enough money to even buy these important items and is was very scary. I remember seeing people in McDonalds pulling out wads and wads of napkins out of the napkin dispensers, so they could "diaper" their baby...sigh..:o(

Thank you again for making more people aware of how difficult it is to live on foodstamps..


Erin Davis said...

You never cease to amaze me in your ability to pull seemingly disparate things together into a wonderful, insightful whole. The picture on the cover of that cookbook is worth keeping it, and that youtube video was a surprising and important twist at the end.

Lydia said...

@Erin- You made me really happy this morning when I read your comment! Thank you so much.

Lydia said...

@Rhi- Wow, thank you for your personal experience with food stamps...and for letting us know that President Obama at least raised the amount some. What a challenge to be on food stamps. My ex and I were on them for exactly one month when he was in law school and bills exceeded my paycheck. I felt really sensitive to the situation and shopped late at night to be seen by fewer people. I'm glad I had that experience so I can know just a little about the program first-hand.

You really bring up a good point with regard to other necessities. We have annual food drives in Silverton by both the fire department and the post office. This year I will make a point of putting some TP and toothpaste in my bag of donated food. I always put in some cans of cat and dog food because I don't think many people consider pets...and if we can keep them fed we can keep them from being given to the overcrowded shelters.

Thanks again for sharing your experience and wisdom here.

Lydia said...

@Darlene- (notice how I'm answering comments backwards this morning? it was unintentional but there you go!)
I was happy to have Rhi tell us that there has indeed been a small increase in the food stamps benefits. I'm sure it in no way has made it easy for people with children to make do in these hard times.

@Phivos- I agree. I wish the world would realize that basic are a way of addressing the foundation of a society, a family, an individual's way of being in the world. We for too long became so commercialized and greedy. Maybe people have learned something from being forced to respect money rather than expect money (and the things it buys). :)

secret, fragile skies said...

Perfect juxtaposition of posts. As always.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your warm congratulatons! I am honored.

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Blog of Note

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to learn here that the Obama administration increased food stamp stipends.

And I have to agree with Erin on the connections you make, often with a social message or bit of useful information at the end.

Lydia said...

@secret, fragile skies- I thank you. :)

@Julie- My pleasure, most definitely. Your blog deserves to be acclaimed as a Blog of Note!

@Jennifer- I was glad to learn that also. And thanks much. :)

Mark said...

A very enlightening video, thank-you for helping to create awareness about food stamps and needless hunger.

Lydia said...

@Mark- I learned from the video too. It was nicely done: informative but not preachy. Thanks for caring.



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