Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Postcard Wednesday--Aeroplane view of Seattle, Washington

This week's postcard is among others in the folder pictured at top, with a postmark barely detectable as sometime in the 1940s. I'll feature some of the others in later Wednesday posts. For this one I'm including the shot of the cover, mainly because of the unique cost of postage (and I wonder what happened to the original stamp).... 

If you purchase one of the half pennies below, and buy the appropriate stamps, plus have use of a time machine - or maybe a magic aeroplane -, then you will be able to go back and mail the Puget Sound postcard folder per the requirements of the time. Such a deal.

This 1773 Virginia half penny is for sale in a private auction at ebay (as of blog publication current bid is at $79.99).

This 1806 Draped 1/2 cent PCGS VF30 (those codes mean something to somebody) is for sale at ebay for $260.00 if you use the Buy It Now option.

Seattle aerial view today.

For a truly spectacular aerial view of Seattle check out this very cool post from the Seattle Daily Photo blog...................

Looking at Me Looking at You. It is so worth the click! 

I found those two modern shots of Seattle above when I Googled "Seattle aerial shots." But life is a circus these days, I tell ya, and the following also showed up in the same search.....  

This remarkable shot is from the Seattle Aerial Arts Nude Calendar Project. For more information about the calendar and the project click here

And so, our short but memorable flight over The Emerald City has come to an end. Please collect any 1/2 cent coins that may have fallen between your seats as you never know when you'll need them in another time machine.



the watercats said...

wow!.. that's such a colourdy beautiful thing!.. and that photo of the acrobat lady... I wish I had as shapely an ass as that!.. stunning picture!... I love city skyline pictures, there's something glamourous and slightly scary about them... completely different territory from what I'm used to :-)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

There's a book called The Meaning Of Liff (no longer available, but its sequen The Deeper Meaning Of Liff is) by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd where they take names of places off roadsigns and give them meanings for all the feelings that we have no words for.

I think their definition of Piddling (or Piffling) was "the amount of money by which a price is short of a realistic price - so the Piffling of £20 would be £19.95

The coin in your picture looks huge - which undermines the point about small change i was going to make (groan)

Loved the postcard - especially the colourisation they've done on the photo - dates it wonderfully to that time

La Belette Rouge said...

I, as I may have said before, amd originally from seattle and because we left there when I was very young, I have lots of fantasies that if we had stayed there my life would have been very different( in almost all possible ways). At the very least I wouldn't have been taunted for not being tan. Whenever I visit the PNW I feel at home and happy to see that I am never the palest person in the room.

Beautiful postcards and beautiful journey.

Melinda said...

Hi Lydia! I had to stop by for "postcard Wednesday" and what a treat. I so love old postcards. Les's mom died a few years ago and we have been clearing out her house for the last year or so to get it ready for the market. We found stacks of old postcards (as well as old everything--she was 95 when she died) that are all in perfect, pristine condition. I shall have to send you some! I'll catch up with you on FB and get your address to send you a few that I think would be wonderful for your blog.

(And how did you know that I have fantasies about time machines???).

I also loved the beautiful shots--partiuclarly the nude art shot--that was incredible.

Take care,


Lydia said...

@the watercats- This one really does have the color for sure. And she has the bod. And city skylines are captivating things (but not the Sydney, Australia skyline right now...o, that horrible dust storm).

@DFTP- The Meaning of Liff sounds funny! The coin in these shots is not life-size, but you knew that. I was able to grab an enlarged shot of the second one but not the first.

@Belette- I didn't know you were originally from Seattle, and I definitely think you'd have been allowed to feel comfortable in your own skin if you'd grown up there.
When I first arrived in the Willamette Valley with my ex one hot July day we roared with laughter at a group of teens in shorts at a mini-mart. Made all kinds of jokes about those stark white legs. I haven't had a tan for years and years now and I know my skin is all the better for it.

@Melinda- O wow, that is so thoughtful of you to offer a few postcards for my blog! That's really special of you. I'll check FB this weekend.
I have a thing for time machines too. :)

Buddha said...

I just spent my summer vacation in Seattle :)
Actually it was one week in Vancouver and one week in Seattle.
It is amazing how two cities so similar can be so different!
But I love them both :)

Lydia said...

@Buddha- You had a wonderful vacation! I know because I've spent time in both places. I truly love Vancouver and want my husband to see it...maybe we should plan a trip there next year. :)

Kim said...

I love the color in those vibrant and so warm and welcoming.



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