Tuesday, October 13, 2009

imagine whirled peas and no violins*

Music House by Valerie Walsh

Needing a break from the videos I've been posting of songs my mother taught me, I've refreshed my mind tonight by looking at art and photography online. Of all genres, many appealed to me for different reasons.....this one especially for its expressive charm. I just love it, not only because it describes the houses of my childhood - but because it is a powerful reminder that I have still not taken violin lessons. I bought my violin two years ago after taking a fiddle workshop for adults conducted during our town's arts festival. It was taught by a classical violin teacher who has been with our school system for decades, and by a free-wheeling New Orleans-style fiddler (he calls his style "swamp rock"). They wondered: would this work? ...offering at a small price a five-night course for adults with little or no violin experience, and have them playing a song together at the end of the week? Well, it did work. It was one of the best times I've had in a decade and I consulted the classical teacher about the appropriate beginners violin to purchase, not expensive but not tacky either. We were all set for lessons when her elderly mother grew ill, and time went by that turned into years.

I was meant to find this artwork tonight. Because my silent violin is waiting for me.

 * a variation on quotes about imagining world peace and societies without violence - original author unknown


Phoenix said...

Good luck with it.. it is indeed strange how we suddenly chance upon something that reminds us of things we wanted to do.... :)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Great painting. I have occasionally thought about learning the violin - but to be honest it looks a bit fiddly (groan: see what i did there?)

Anyways - i think you need to find an instrument that speaks to you and with which you can express your soul. Perhaps its time to take those lessons and find out if the violin is the one for you?

Darlene said...

For goodness sakes, get that 'fiddle' out and find another teacher. There should be some good ones in the school system or in the local orchestras. Time's a wastin'.

Looking to the Stars said...

I LOVE the art work. I know where your coming from. I have a piano waiting for me.

What a neat class you got to attend. I'd love to learn how to play a violin, a harp and a medevil instrument that you hold on your lap. Its like a harp, there is a person here that makes them. They are sooo neat. But, first I need to attend to the piano :)

I liked your words,"time went by that turned into years"
They speak so true of my own life.

Loved the post, have a good day :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I also do liked your words,"time went by that turned into years"... how true my dear it is...

~ Tabitha ~ said...

You rock.

Lydia said...

@Phoenix- Thanks for the good wishes. I agree that messages come when the messenger is ready.

@Pixies- You play guitar so well that you can already have a sense of accomplishment! If I was a kid and ready to begin music instruction I would choose the to learn the cello. But that is too daunting, and the instrument too large for a small house. I adore cello music. But I also adore violin music, so.....

@Darlene- I know you are right. It is powerful to see your urgings here in comments!

@Looking to the Stars- And so, will you work with your piano in the next year while I do something about my violin?
I think I want to order that painting as incentive!

@Phivos- It's truer than I ever would have imagined when I was in my 20s and 30s. It's why I finally got the braces on my teeth in May - got sick of myself wishing I had done that in my youth. We should realize as many dreams as possible in our lives....

@Tabitha- O, wow! That is such a fun thing for you to say. Great encouragement. :)

Looking to the Stars said...

Lydia, yes I accept. I will work with my piano this year :)

Let me know if you get the painting :)

Lydia said...

@Looking to the Stars- okeedokey. Now I feel I must seek lessons during the next year, and that's a good thing.

I hope I won't forget to look into buying the print of the painting!



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