Sunday, November 8, 2009

brings out the rebel in me

Jarad Ratliff, artist, added this note to his video: There was an old TV show named "Johnny Yuma." & Johnny Cash sang this song, as the theme song.

He is right. I barely remember the TV show but it brings good memories to the front of my brain when I think of it. I liked the word rebel then, and I still do. The song appeals to me tonight, and Jarad Ratliff is a rock star in my estimation for uploading the song at youtube.

Here's the original, sung by Johnny Cash:



Margaret Pangert said...

I love this song sung by Johnny Cash! ... and your title says it all.

Lydia said...

@Margaret- So good to hear from you. Seriously, I'm in a strange space (as in, where the hell is my muse?) and your comment made me smile. :)



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