Friday, December 4, 2009

Feline proxy delegate shares a word prior to Copenhagen climate talks

Our beautiful cat, Willow, was finally spayed yesterday and I picked her up at the vet clinic this morning. I say "finally" because I normally have our cats altered/spayed at around eight-months of age. We waited until Willow passed her first birthday in hopes that her heart murmur had healed itself as the vet said they sometimes do in the first year of life.

Her heart rate was zooming at 240 yesterday morning when we arrived at the vet clinic, and she also seemed to still have a heart murmur. We determined that she should stay there for a few hours for her vet to check her again after she calmed down some, because at that point we couldn't tell if she was extremely stressed from the car ride or if she had acute tachycardia. They phoned me after noon to let me know that after some hours her heart rate dropped to a lovely 150, no heart murmur was detected with the normal heart rate, and that surgery had progressed successfully.

It was a long night for Michael and me without Willow in the house. After I brought her home this morning she played some in the living room with her toys. The powerful shot she'd been given for pain had kicked in and she was feeling spunky. But she's now sleeping by the gas stove listening to our cats' favorite CD. All is well.....

But none of us should be wooed into complacency while snug in our houses. With the Convention on Climate Change about to convene in Copenhagen I'll take a few days here at Writerquake to show my love and concern for this planet, our home, this heaven on Earth.

The animals need us to be mindful. It's their home too.......

Comments by person who uploaded this at youtube: Cat speaks out against climate change. Submitted as part of the 1 Minute to Save the World climate change short film competition http:www.1minutetosavetheworld .com  


Hattie said...

I am glad your cat, Willow, is on the mend. And that she will not be bringing kittens indiscriminately into an overcrowded world.
Loved the video.

Maggie May said...

Good job.

Lydia said...

@Hattie- Willow is an indoor-only cat, but we still worried the last few months that the call of the wild would cause her to attempt an escape. I'm glad to have that angst behind us. I'm with you 100% re, overpopulation (humans included). Willow came from a litter across the street. We paid for her mother to be spayed after homes were found for all the kittens.

@Maggie May- :)

the watercats said...

*a good stroking to your mew :-)

Beautiful and melancholy poem below this post, really apt for the weather we're getting here at the moment (mostly grey, cloudy, wetcoldness)Haven't seen the sky for weeks!
On a climate issue, growing up in Ireland I didn't think it could possibly be a wetter country... I was wrong! The last two summers I have only been forced into a vest three times and I'm not exaggerating! The amount of rain that has fallen this year has outdone itself, places are flooding that have never flooded and there are farmers in Galway who haven't seen a percentage of their land for the last three years because it has become river.. it's a worry all right!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

It looks Willow having a great personality!!

Darlene said...

I'm glad the heart murmur is no longer a problem. Willow is such a cutie.

I had to pick up my daughter's cat after her surgery. She went absolutely beserk in a car, but since she was still under anesthesia I wasn't worried. Halfway home (a distance of 60 miles) the anesthesia wore off and she yowled loudly and constantly. She was all over the car including on the top of my head and finally wedged herself under the car seat and I couldn't get her out. I will never forget that trip. ;-(

Looking to the Stars said...

Glad Willow is doing good and back home safe. Its hard for me whenever we have had to leave either of the boys at the vet. I'm always glad and relieved when they are back home.

And right you are, it is their home too so we need to do our part for their sakes also :)

Jennifer said...

Glad that things went well with Willow. The rescue group we got Nick and Asher from neuters those little guys so early! I'm sure it's better to wait until they are adolescents and of course to wait in cases of heart murmur.

The video is great and yes, animals have a stake in this world, too.

Kathleen said...

Oh, hooray for Willow. Glad to hear the good news. I wish you could have seen my dogs react to the YouTube video. Very funny!

Lydia said...

@the watercats- I so loved the first line of your comments!
Having read several of your posts concerning your flooded areas I became more aware of what's going on with the weather/climate there. I hope that people sharing information like that through blogging can help build awareness of global climate changes.

@Phivos- She has a great personality. And I'm glad that she doesn't meow like that cat in the video! Willow has a tiny mew that is sweet.

@Darlene- The horror you wrote about stuck in my mind all day! It's darn amazing that you weren't in a crash with that kind of distraction and worry. Poor kitty. I'm glad it ended satisfactorily, as I'm assuming that you did finally get her out!

@Looking to the Stars- Glad you understand how I missed her. Last night she came under the covers and curled under my shoulder, with her head sharing my pillow. Awwwww!

@Jennifer- Do you know that Nick and Asher are unique-sounding names for cats?! Cute. I do wonder what long-term effects there might be from altering them too young. I hope no future problems for your guys...

@Kathleen- HaHa! I imagined myself into the scene and got a real kick out of it. Have to admit that cat has a weird chirping kind of meow. My husband did not appreciate it at all. :(

Anonymous said...

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