Monday, January 4, 2010

the bearable lightness of being

Disclosure:  It is unlikely that any of you saw this video posted at my other blog last March.....but if so and this looks familiar, well, then that would be why!

I thought about this amazing piece today while considering how light I feel at the beginning of this new year. Not weightless, but unburdened of much of the psychological stuff that weighed me down by the end of 2009.

At the heart of this day was a sense of lightness and freedom. I loved it.


the watercats said...

We woke to a fresh, frosted, bright blue day, still as the space between breaths. We rung the new year in listening to a solitary, slow rendition of old langsyn played on a fiddle.. I can feel it in me bones it's gonna be a good un! cheers! :-D

kj said...


i'm not yet light, but i'm hopeful and hovering....

♥ happy new year, lydia

Lydia said...

@the watercats- That's the most promising comment you've written about your environment for a looong time. I'm so happy for you that you had clear skies to start the year.
I would love to welcome in the new year exactly the way you did. :)

@kj- Hopeful and hovering sounds great to me! Happy New Year to You too!

ALeks said...

Oh what a beauty!I love your choice,did not know about the artist,thank you!
Hugs and smile,Aleksandra

Lydia said...

@Aleksandra- (I love your name!)
Isn't this an interesting video? I'm glad you enjoy it also!



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