Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Old Postcard Wednesday on Mozart's Birthday--Wien Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera)

Happy Birthday, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is uniquely and forever a part of the Vienna State Opera!

For many, it is the greatest opera house in the world: 300 evenings a year, the Vienna State Opera offers excellent productions with a programme that changes daily. . .
. . .When the old opera theatre next to the Kärntnertore proved too small for the majority of 19th-century operas, it was decided to build a new, larger opera house on Vienna’s Ringstrasse, then in the process of being widened into a magnificent new boulevard. Eduard van der Nüll and August Sicard von Sicardsburg were the architects commissioned to carry out this project. The new the opera house on the Ring opened on 25 May 1869 with a performance of Mozart’s Don Juan. . . ~ Wiener Staatsoper website (info on the new Vienna State Opera Museum)
The Staatsoper website offers so much, including a 360 degree panoramic tour of the opera house and fascinating background on the building - in part:
Exterior view

Looking at the building from the Opernring, in other words from the front, the historical part from the original 1869 building is visible. The façade remains in Renaissance arched style and the loggia on the Ringstrasse side underline the public character of the building.

Interior of the former opera house

Entering through one of the main doors into the box office foyer, which has remained in its original form, gives an immediate impression of the interior of the former opera house which was mostly destroyed on the 12th of March 1945 shortly before the end of hostilities in the Second World War. Remaining in its original form is the entire façade and main foyer, the central stairway (known as the ‘celebratory stairway’), the Schwindfoyer and loggia as well as the Tea Salon on the first floor.

This postcard was sent to me sometime around 1963 by my girlhood pen pal, who, since an earlier post, I still have not located.....and so am including the back of the card in the off-chance that it might stir up information concerning the well-being and whereabouts of Rosmarie Gugler. What a joy it would be to find her after so many years.

And to my friend, Francessa, in Vienna.....let's be sure to put the Staatsoper on the list of must-see places when I visit you one fine day in the future. 

My life would be complete if I could hear any of Mozart's compositions at The Staatsoper. That would pretty much be heaven for me.



the watercats said...

such beautiful handwriting on that postcard, I think it's being forgotten how to write like that by kid's now. I always love to read your little history lessons too, to someone who is thirsty for knowledge your place is heaven :-)
I hope you manage to locate your old penfriend... crossing fingers for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is faboulos. I have visweted this city once. The cafe the building. I have always thopguht that thinking modern one started ehre. A birthplace. Thank yoo

Looking to the Stars said...

I didn't know it was Mozart's B-day.
I am listening to his music now performed by James Galway, it is a cd I listen to everyday :)

The postcard is awesome, to stand in front of this building would take my breath away.

Oh, I hope you find your penpal, what a beautiful reunion that will be :)

ValGalArt said...

This is my kinda post of course i love buildings and postcards of buildings and what a delight :D Really good to see and hear from you;)

Lydia said...

the watercats- Yes, wasn't that handwriting distinctive? It does seem to be an art or skill that becomes rarer all the time. I hope I find her sometime too.
Re: the history lessons here, it is so fun thinking that you enjoy learning about this stuff with me! :)

Jukka- You are fortunate to have traveled there! I liked your description about Vienna. Very thought-provoking and interesting.

Looking to the Stars- Well how about that?! I think it's fascinating that you appreciate the cd daily. What a tribute to Mozart...and to Galway (that sounds like a great combo to me).
I hope I can locate Rosmarie too (I wonder about the spelling of her name, but I guess she would know it better than anyone!)

ValGalArt- You love buildings and create ones in your art that we love! I'm so glad you liked this postcard; it's a beauty I think.

Melinda said...

I love Mozart--and so Happy Birthday! Another great "Old Postcard Wednesday." I couldn't stop by yesterday due to flying cross country but I am glad I stopped by today!




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