Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Cousin, Once Removed Sings O Canada (sort of)


Now that Canada has won two gold medals on home soil at the Winter Olympics many of us have had the opportunity to enjoy its national anthem played on the broadcast. O Canada is a crisp, yet sentimental anthem that is stirring and somehow fulfilling to hear. Everything you ever wanted to know about O Canada may be learned and heard at the website titled Canadian Heritage.

Last year two truly great ads appeared on TV for Time Warner Cable. They did not show in my viewing area, or at least not on stations in the particular cable "tier" that we purchase. I learned about these ads via the family pipeline that feeds the latest information about a certain actor in our family to we who follow his career with interest and delight.

With apologies to the charming actress in these clips for not knowing her name to mention here, I happily introduce you all to the fine actor in the clips: Kelly AuCoin. He is the son of Les and Sue AuCoin, and Sue is my first cousin (her father and my mother were siblings). For years I've been calling Kelly my second cousin. I just learned that is incorrect via this nifty Cousin Relationships chart (Hey, Kelly, we are First Cousins, Once Removed).

The Kelly AuCoin fact sheet at the Internet Movie Database has a full listing of his filmography (including roles in Julie & Julia-2009 and The Kingdom-2007), episodes of TV shows (including Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Without a Trace, and Law and Order) and stage work (including his role as Octavius Caesar in the Broadway production of Julius Caesar, starring Denzel Washington).

Kelly is currently in an off-Broadway play that has been extended through March 21st. Those of you in the area may be interested in seeing Happy Now? ....
Happy Now? - a new play, about a professional London woman dealing with the pressures of life, received generally positive reviews, with Charles Isherwood of The Times calling it a “trenchant comedy” with a “skilled, appealing cast.”
[for more information see source at Arts Beat.]

Now. Here are the ads featuring Kelly AuCoin.....the first one with its timely O Canada theme!

A man writes an anthem celebrating the incredible download speed of his Road Runner internet service. Learn more at

A man rhapsodizes about his wife and the glorious download speed of Road Runner High Speed Online with PowerBoost. Learn more at



Debby said...

LOL...Great post..I love seeing our flag go up when the GOLD is coming home..Great games.

Melinda said...

Thank you, Lydia--for sharing this wonderful post! How wonderful for your cousin that he is making it in the theater! Woo HOO--Broadway is not something many actors ever experience. The best I did was to understudy for the role of Rizzo in Grease on Broadway. I never did get to play the role (I did consider dropping a brick on the actress's head who was playing Rizzo! (kidding--kidding)).

I loved the clips too! My husband and I are baseball fans and every once in a while, we make it up to Toronto to see the Red Sox play the Blue Jays. I always love hearing "O Canada!"

Another great post, Lydia!


Darlene said...

Kelly is a cousin to be proud of.

Do people always ask you if you are related to Kelly? Or maybe your last name is now different.

They usually ask me if I'm related to Kevin Costner. I tell them I'm his mother when I'm feeling frisky.

Margaret Pangert said...

Those are great commercials! Kelly is certainly a good actor, and what timing to pull out "Downloadia" right in the middle of the Olympics! How fun to be able to follow his career! Love, me xx

Lydia said...

Debby~ Welcome to my blog, as I think this may be the first time I have had a comment from you(?) I'm glad you enjoyed the post and are enjoying the games. I sure am too!

Melinda~ I can see you as Rizzo, and have enjoyed so much the stage photos you have posted at times at your blog. It really is great that Kelly is living his dream; he's worked hard.
Never knew you were big baseball fans. I think you're great for actually traveling to those games and I wish we would do something like that someday...

Darlene~ Kevin's mom...that's funny and I bet you have convinced some people along the way.
No one would ask about my relationship with Kelly because the family name carried by his mother changed when she married Les AuCoin, and my mother had not gone by that last name since her series of marriages! It sure gets confusing. :)

Margaret~ It's great having you back to blogging and commenting on posts at other blogs. Thanks for appreciating the fun ads and Kelly's skill as an actor.

Maggie May said...

how very cool!

Lydia said...

Maggie May~ It really is.
Kelly is married to an award-winning dancer who is now in grad school. He and Carolyn have what seems to me a perfectly artistic life (but they have worked hard for it!).

Phivos Nicolaides said...

No doubt that Kelly and Carolyn worked hard to achieve their goals and such an outstanding result.

Lydia said...

Phivos~ Yes, they did...and still do work hard. But they seem to love so much what they do. I am sorry to say that we never did have a chance to see one of Carolyn's dance performances - just marvelous photos. :)

Erin Davis said...

I think O Canada has all of the ingredients of a successful national anthem. I like to think of myself as living in Baja Canada so that I can claim partial ownership of such a wonderful song!

Lydia said...

Erin~ Baja Canada! Super title for your part of the U.S., so connected to Canada.



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