Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old Postcard Wednesday--Will You Stay at Home and Play when You Marry Me?

When the February issue of The Sun Magazine arrived in my mailbox I did with it what I do with all new issues of The Sun: put it right on the bed to read that night. I love this magazine that describes itself as Personal. Political. Provocative. Ad-Free. so much that I read it from cover-to-cover, usually in two or three consecutive nights before lights out.

Sy Safransky started the magazine back in 1974 (read the The Sun's
brief history....because it's amazing!). His monthly feature is titled  
Sy Safransky's Notebook, a smorgasbord of personal insights that always pleases me. His February Notebook began with some thoughts about the 28th anniversary of the first night that he and his wife Norma spent together. Beautiful. The next vignette was the piece below, and I knew it was perfect for this vintage postcard kept by my Finnish grandmother (note the copyright 1909 in lower left corner). I emailed The Sun asking for permission to publish it in this post and Senior Editor Andrew Snee gave his consent. He asked only that I credit The Sun and link to the website. My pleasure, most definitely!

Now, The Sun website is an easy way to familiarize yourself with this outstanding magazine (I've also given links above to two separate sections of the website)......but I highly recommend becoming a subscriber in order to support this unique ad-free gem of a publication.

This, Sy, makes me sigh.......

WHEN ASKED HOW sexual passion changes with age, Sophocles said, “I feel as if I have escaped from a mad and furious master.” At sixty-four I know what he means, but there are plenty of nights when I miss the old jail keeper and wouldn’t mind being locked up again — maybe in the cell where Norma and I used to make love from dusk to dawn; or where we made love a few times a day, not a few times a week. Still, I try not to take it personally that I’ve lived this long. So I kiss Norma’s neck and brush a lock of hair from her face. I kiss her eyes. My hands have been everywhere, and they go there again. And I praise the fire that burns in winter, and the heat that rises, and the plume of sparks. And I praise the gods of the marriage bed, the cat that still meows, the dog that still barks.             ~Sy Safransky



La Belette Rouge said...

I love the writing in the Sun. My first long term Jungian analyst subscribed to it and I read at least an article a week in his office. It never occurred to me to subscribe to it as I read it there. Thank you for awakening my memory of how much enjoyed that magazine.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi Lydia. I saw your comment on Rick's post, so I had to let you know, I actually posted! woohoo!!
As Rick said, I have primarily been living on Facebook. Take a peek at my post when you get a chance.

Owen said...

Lovely post Lydia... should I be so lucky as to live to age 64, I'll be curious to compare feelings with this piece of writing, which is downright excellent...

kj said...

oh god, lydia.

did you see my sex survey last year? not everyone is as content as three times a week. :)

i was in a poetry manuscript group where many of the participants had been published in the sun. you've made me want to subscribe.

i loved this. but oh god. i am now hot under the proverbial collar.



Lydia: How beautiful! Love has such different ages and stages, I love them all now I realize at 62 that I married my very
best friend! Thank you Lydia for the beautiful words. Cher

Lydia said...

Belette~ That is a cool memory you have of reading The Sun. It occurs to me that, since you recently passed your test, you may be in a situation to share the magazine with your own clients in the future!

raccoonlover~ Welcome back to blogging, Lisa! I had wondered if you were doing ok. I am a minimal Facebook user, preferring reading other blogs and working on my own. Anyway, I'm happy you posted and I'll come read it.

Owen~ I certainly hope you live well beyond 64. :) It's way younger than I thought it was when it was decades ahead of me!
I imagine that you will articulate your feelings at that age in a most stunning manner.

kj~ No, I didn't see your sex survey and I will have to search it out at your blog. :)
How interesting you were in the poetry group with people who had been published in The Sun. The poetry is so marvelous there, and the montly Readers Write feature is one of my favorite parts of the magazine. I keep thinking I should submit something...the schedule of upcoming topics is always so tantalizing. (And yes I found this vignette tantalizing too!)

Cher~ I loved your comment inspired by Sy Safransky's beautiful expressions, and I hope you shared your thoughts with your husband. Come to think of it, very best friends would make a practice of that kind of sweet sharing.



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